paint + glitter = perfect valentines {diy projects by Lisa Leonard}

as you know, i love a quick and easy project. and i love hearts and glitter–so this is pretty much perfect for me! {and perfect for valentines!}

i spread a lot of aqua paint over an 8×10 canvas. i wanted a lot of texture. i left the edges white-but it would be easy to cover the edges too.

then i used a heart cutout {while the paint was still wet} as a stencil and sprinkled red glitter around the edge of the heart.

remove the heart and let the paint dry completely.

so fun and easy peasy. of course you can do the same thing with any shape-bird, star, crown, flower, an initial. lots of possibilities.

raise your hand if you love valentine’s day and hearts and glitter!


  1. Help! I’m just trying out the crafting thing and used card stock for my template – it stuck to the paint. Would you suggest that my paint might have been too wet still or my paper the wrong type? I was able to salvage the whole thing and it’s not all bad! Thanks SO much for the inspiration.

    1. hi tami! i would just pull up the card stock and then smooth the paint from underneath. i hope it works!!

  2. What kind of camera do you use? I am in the market for a new one and your photos are beautiful! I also love taking pictures.

    I picked willow braches from my back yard and put them in a vase (idea taken from you) and placed a red bird on the branch for Valentines day…maybe I will do something similar , I feel artsy today! THANK YOU!!

  4. I just found your blog, off of a link from Simple Mom. You’re amazing. I love your projects, your ideas, your style, everything. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lisa…I knew you did jewelry but I didn’t know you had a separate blog too…found this from “Faith Barista”blog today.

    Cute idea with the “easy peasy” heart and paint/glitter.

  6. so simple… beautiful.. and easy. I’m going to take a stab on this little project this weekend… maybe smaller ones and give them out to my friends for Valentine’s day… LOVE!

  7. my hand is raised. and i love this project. my bday is two days before. so i pretend all hearts are for me. and you chose one of my favorite color combos right now. i just may be doing this. even with my students!

  8. I LOVE hearts…this is so easy and pretty…and i have everything I need to make one tonight!! thanks for the cute idea…keep them coming…

  9. oh this is so simple and adorable! I’ll be doing this soon! Hopefully this week! I might make it bigger and for our bedroom. Thanks for the great idea. I heart easy fast projects too.

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