my workshop {and a project!}

i thought you might like a little peek into my workspace.

we moved into a new building a few months ago-and it’s still a bit of a mess. so i cropped these pics carefully, ha!

above that’s my funky, olive green leather chair. $30 at a fave thrift store yay!

i spend a lot of my working time online.

cute wicker desk chair from ikea. sweet heart leaf from a friend.

i’ve got a collection of vintage paintings covering one wall.

love love how they look all together.

and over the weekend i painted a huge drawing board with chalkboard paint.

you can find there HERE or just search online. they’re about $10-15.

and i love that it has huge clips. i just nailed this one right on the wall.

sketch, make lists, clip up inspiring magazine pages.

and wouldn’t it be perfect for a kid’s room? you could clip a big sheet of paper for watercoloring or draw with chalk.

so fun!

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  1. I love it! I just ordered (for myself, ha ha) your teeny tiny necklace with my 3 children’s initials. I cannot wait! I’ve been waiting a few years for this purchase and I don’t know why I waited so long.

  2. thank you for the info about the clip board..i want to make my grandsons a chalk board . and this is what i will use!! any hints about using the chalk board paint?
    thank you!

  3. H1 Lisa
    I knew we were kindred sisters who LOVE a night nurse and all, BUT when I saw your BIG orange coffee mug, that sealed our friendship. I have the SAME one as a stacking mug from Cost Plus and orange is my go to color!!!!
    I LOVE a big cup of coffee in the morning……

  4. Hello, can I come work in your workspace!!! So lovely, but I knew it would be!!

    I desparately need to redo my cubical at work – its a bit uninspiring right now, except for the photos of my kids!! 😉

    hope you are having ag reat day! I need more coffee!


  5. Lisa, First time poster to your blog but long time follower. Your blog posts are inspirational. Loved seeing your workspace! I purchased straight legged jeans because of your posts….never thought I could wear them but they are awesome. Maria

  6. I agree, more pictures! I would love to see the workspace where the jewelry pieces are created (not that I’d ever share picutres of my horrible mess, ha.) I love to see the tools, and yes, even the mess!

  7. i love that! you are so wonderfully creative.
    now i’m on the look out for a door mat to paint AND a drawing board. : )

  8. Thanks for a peek! I just received my mama necklace and LOVE IT! As soon as my best friend saw me today she noticed my necklace and then I handed her a box with her own inside! She was thrilled. Thank you.

  9. That is an inspiring workspace! Love the drawing board idea. I have a drawing board and chalkboard paint around here. Now to figure out how to spray paint in the snow & where to put the finished product. Have a great day!

  10. Hi Lisa, I’ve just discovered your fabulous jewellery through Soulmama’s blog. What a treat that you’ve got a great blog as well. Look forward to dropping in occassionally!

  11. It looks lovely…I really like the green leather chair. And I had to say…I have the same typewriter table, the same old black lunch box and the same giant clipboard! Altho mine isn’t painted with chalkboard paint…what a great idea!

  12. I am fascinated by your process of producing your magnificent jewelry! I would love to see more. If you offer tours, I will sign up!

  13. Considering my “workspace” {and I use the term loosely} is my dining room table, yours is paradise. Very inspiring, Lisa. Hope I can carve out a space like that for myself someday {sigh}…

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