i thought you might like a little peek into my workspace.

we moved into a new building a few months ago-and it’s still a bit of a mess. so i cropped these pics carefully, ha!

above that’s my funky, olive green leather chair. $30 at a fave thrift store yay!

i spend a lot of my working time online.

cute wicker desk chair from ikea. sweet heart leaf from a friend.

i’ve got a collection of vintage paintings covering one wall.

love love how they look all together.

and over the weekend i painted a huge drawing board with chalkboard paint.

you can find there HERE or just search online. they’re about $10-15.

and i love that it has huge clips. i just nailed this one right on the wall.

sketch, make lists, clip up inspiring magazine pages.

and wouldn’t it be perfect for a kid’s room? you could clip a big sheet of paper for watercoloring or draw with chalk.

so fun!