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handmade project: doormat

November 27th | DIY

so i made some more of my own stencils again.

i think i might be addicted!

i used american typewriter (bold).

then i cut away the black letters and taped up the remaining paper.

homemade stencils!

i picked up a couple mats at ikea ($5 each). love!

take your time and brush inwards to get a clean line.

black paint and an orange plate, you almost thought this was a halloween project. ha!

I guess i used a glossy paint-but it turned out great!

we love our new doormat-perfect for christmas!

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  1. Chrissie says:

    You amaze me. Can’t wait to step on that doormat and into your house!

  2. lori says:

    this is fantastic, I love it!

  3. Jennifer says:

    what an awesome project!

  4. simplyblythe says:

    love the simplicity of this project and right where you placed the word. great, great, great. i miss ikea!

  5. janie says:

    That is so cool! Simple but so effective xx

  6. Love this! You’re such a smarty! :)

  7. Amy Nabors says:

    How cute! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  8. heather says:

    this is so lovely!! i think i need to make one this weekend. :)

  9. That is adorable Lisa! I may need to make an ikea run! :)

  10. Oh wow. Loving it. And those would make GREAT affordable gifts as well. Thanks for the tips on this! :)

  11. kimberly says:

    darling. and I love my no-lace converse, too!

  12. Kathy R. says:

    Very nice … great idea!

  13. beth says:

    you are just the most perfect crafty girl i know !!!
    this is fabulous !

  14. Susan says:

    simply wonderful! LOVE it!

  15. deb says:

    oh, so easy and perfect…
    thank you .
    guess where I need to go ASAP!

  16. lou says:

    As if I needed an excuse to go to IKEA! Now I HAVE to! Love it. Xx

  17. Mandipidy says:

    I love this… it turned out so well. Thanks for the great idea! :]

  18. I adore this project! How fun and easy!

  19. DawnS says:

    So cute…thanks for sharing!

  20. Darlene says:

    Beautiful and simple! Love it!

  21. Lea Culp says:

    Just as “cute as a button” as my Grandmother use to say. :o) Love your creativity!

  22. Oh, I love this idea! Such a cute mat!! Now, I am really missing having a nearby Ikea!! :)

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

  23. that would make a fun christmas present for friends….with their last names on it! thanks for the great idea. i love yours.

  24. Kristi says:

    So simple and SO brilliant! Love it!!

  25. northcarmen says:

    I really like your project. Can you tell me what font size you used? I wish we had an IKEA near us. The closest one is an 8-hour drive away, so making a mat like this will have to wait until we can get to a store some time next year.


  26. Marcia says:

    What a great idea Lisa. I love that you put the word off to the side too.

  27. Daniela B. says:

    Lisa The last picture is wonderful!! :-)
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  28. Haley says:

    I really like this! I wish I had a reason to make my own!

  29. kate says:

    cutest idea ever!!!!!

  30. Jenny says:

    Lisa, I love this idea!!! I’m going to do this asap… I’ve been wanting a seasonal doormat, but everything that is less expensive is super cheesy. This is absolutely perfect!

  31. Claudine says:

    Love it! How great to discover new things to stencil on!

  32. Jo says:

    What a great idea!!
    I may have to borrow it! 😉

  33. maggie says:

    Lisa, I love seeing what your mind comes up with! Very fun friend. Miss you.

  34. Nicole says:

    This is a wonderful project Lisa! Love it!

  35. jasmine says:

    Love love love love love! Your stencil projects are fab… you should be addicted :)

  36. Philippa says:

    Lisa honey, I SO love this doormat and you have inspired me to do one too! Just gorgeous!! Smiles..

  37. Philippa says:

    Oops meant to say this would make a wonderful house warming present for someone too, with a personal message on it! How cool would that be!

  38. Teresa says:

    Great idea! I love your stencil projects, but would like to suggest that you print out your letters using an outline font to save ink!

  39. Paige says:

    Very, very cute! I am bookmarking this one to add to my craft to-do list. Have a wonderful week!

  40. Margaret says:

    I love your stuff! I have ordered in the past and now when i open a section, it is blank! Bummer! Am i doing soemthing wrong??/ Just let me know as I would like to get some your designs. Thanks!

  41. Katya says:

    Oh, love the idea!!
    Looks very simple and nice!

  42. Deirdre says:

    What a neat idea, love it.

  43. dale wayne says:

    Very fun! I think I am going to have to do this one.

  44. What a cute idea! SO much better than the pre-made ones :)

  45. Tracey Ireland says:

    love it! Am going to try it on some placemats I got at ikea for only 99 cents each!

  46. hanna says:

    lisa, you’ve inspired me to make my own! check it out on my blog!

  47. Nancy says:

    simple, perfectly lovely!

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  49. Mirys says:

    I just love it!!!!

    I´m redecorating my livingroom (and my life and my heart and my kids hearts) and this post was such an inspiration!
    Thank you!!!!

    Can I use these photos to ilustrated what I wanna do in my blog? If you wanna visit us, we are at

    See you there (I hope).
    Kisses and blessings.

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  51. Kristin says:

    Where did you purchase this doormat? I’ve been looking for a plain weaved doormat like yours and have had no luck! :/ I’d love to paint one for my mother like you’ve done! :)
    Thank you!

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      I got mine from ikea–$5 each!

      • Kristin says:

        Wow! What a deal! Thank you so much, Lisa!
        This will sound silly, but I feel privileged that you replied to my comment…Wow! (You’re such a strong woman and role model to me!) Thank you so much!

  52. Whitney says:

    Love this! I think i might do it with just a welcome since the holdays are now over!

  53. Kirsten says:

    Love this simple update to a plain doormat. Did the paint hold up well to being walked on? I’m worried it would chip off rather fast. What was your experience?

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  59. Amanda says:

    LOVE this!! Wondering what brand paint you used. Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

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