It’s wedding season! Today I’m sharing an easy DIY cake topper–that adds so much personality to your special day.

There are infinite possibilities to making your own cake toppers! Here we have made a simple moss arch with some love birds nestled together.




-gold paint

-wooden base

-little birds

(all of these items can be purchased at your local craft store)

Paint the base and let dry. While you are waiting, wrap the moss around the wire. You can wrap as much or as little you want depending on how far down you want the moss to go.

After you wrap the arch and the base is dry, create two little holes on either side of the base (don’t go all the way through). You can use a drill, or if the wood is soft enough you can create the whole with a large nail or awl (what we did). Attach a dab of glue to each hole and attach the arch. When you are done, glue the birds to the base and you are finished!

Here are a few different versions we did for The Wedding Standard Magazine. For the first one, we painted plastic deer and added some bells to the moss wrapping at the top. The cake on the right just has some birds that we attached wire to and some fresh fruit. So fun!

And I shared this and a few other cake topper ideas on D The Broadcast morning show yesterday. They have been so gracious to invite me back. You can see the clip here!