i found this piece of wood at a thrift store last week.

i think it was the side of a box.

but i loved it’s texture, and i knew i could create something fun with it.



i decided to make my own stencils and paint the word ‘love’ on it.

i love the idea of being able to use any font i choose!



there are so many words, i that hold meaning for me

but ‘love’ seems to be one i go back to all the time.



i carefully cut away the black letters

and taped up the remaining paper to create a stencil.

so, dang simple!! just took a little time.



i painted toward the center of the letter

so that the paint wouldn’t bleed under the stencil.

i used aqua paint. love.



i removed the paper stencils right away.

yay! it worked!!



then i let the paint dry completely.

probably for an hour or two.




i sanded the letters just a bit to give it a worn finish.

i love it.

i think i might be cooking up some other project ideas using homemade stencils!!

* * *

any fun projects you’re working on??