How about some DIY inspiration? Alex and I found this old sailboat at an estate sale and we decided to give it a new life. We put our heads together and decided we should switch out the sails with some fun fabric and add some charming details. Alex took over and made it happen–and I can’t wait to show you how cute it turned out!Here’s the ‘before’ {above}. It’s just your cute, basic sailboat. I see these in thrift shops now and then.

For materials, you’ll need some fun fabrics, paint, a small brush, washi tape, embroidery thread and sticky letters if you want to customize your sailboat with a name.

First, remove the sails–but keep them in tact so you can use them as a pattern for the new sails.

Just lay the old sails on top of the new fabric and cut around the edge so the sizing is the same. Easy!

Using embroidery thread, tie the edge of the sail tightly and attach to the various eye holes in the boat’s structure.

Paint the top edge of the sailboat in a fun color. We used navy for a nautical feel.

A little washi tape around the bottom platform for some texture and stripes.

Isn’t that fun? The colorful fabrics really give it personality! And I love the idea of adding a kid’s name to make it personal. What’s inspiring you today?