while steve and i were exploring seattle, we stumbled on the sweetest shop called watson kennedy. sometimes when i walk into an inspiring shop i have to take a deep breath and slow down so i can really soak it in. when i walked into watson kennedy, i had to take 5 deep breaths. everything is so artfully arranged and beautiful.

there are various displays around the shop that are arranged by color. above is the orange table–isn’t it inspiring? orange is such a vibrant, happy color.

bright ribbons and vintage typewrites–perfect.

the above art is made with pieces of paper–so lovely in it’s simplicity. i wanted to buy them all.

green glass stacked on tiered plates, sigh. believe me, every square inch of the shop is full of amazing finds.

there were lots of vintage letters and signs around the store–so much texture. and i love to spell words that warm my heart.

the shop owner, ted, and i were able to chat a bit–he is so talented. watson kennedy was the most charming boutique i encountered in seattle.

and prints from hugo guiness–love, seriously. if you are in the seattle area you’ve got to go explore this shop. i promise you’ll leave inspired!

watson kennedy is located at 1022 1st avenue, seattle WA. visit his website here and his blog here!

in my home i use a lot of neutrals for the base {couches, walls} and then add in vintage art and pops of color. right now i’m loving aqua, olive green and yellow. what colors are you loving for your home?