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watson kennedy {seattle}

June 14th | decorating, inspiration

while steve and i were exploring seattle, we stumbled on the sweetest shop called watson kennedy. sometimes when i walk into an inspiring shop i have to take a deep breath and slow down so i can really soak it in. when i walked into watson kennedy, i had to take 5 deep breaths. everything is so artfully arranged and beautiful.

there are various displays around the shop that are arranged by color. above is the orange table–isn’t it inspiring? orange is such a vibrant, happy color.

bright ribbons and vintage typewrites–perfect.

the above art is made with pieces of paper–so lovely in it’s simplicity. i wanted to buy them all.

green glass stacked on tiered plates, sigh. believe me, every square inch of the shop is full of amazing finds.

there were lots of vintage letters and signs around the store–so much texture. and i love to spell words that warm my heart.

the shop owner, ted, and i were able to chat a bit–he is so talented. watson kennedy was the most charming boutique i encountered in seattle.

and prints from hugo guiness–love, seriously. if you are in the seattle area you’ve got to go explore this shop. i promise you’ll leave inspired!

watson kennedy is located at 1022 1st avenue, seattle WA. visit his website here and his blog here!

in my home i use a lot of neutrals for the base {couches, walls} and then add in vintage art and pops of color. right now i’m loving aqua, olive green and yellow. what colors are you loving for your home?

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  1. Amanda says:

    aqua, yellow, and grey!

  2. Kristin says:

    I think I’ve been to that shop. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I wanted to buy one of practically everything there! :)

  3. Dana says:

    this shop looks amazing! I live outside of Seattle and I can’t believe I have never been there.
    glad you had fun!

  4. What an amazing shop, indeed. I love that they merchandise by color. Im loving yellow & aqua right now. I agree…because trends change so much its better to do your walls & larger furniture in neutrals and add the smaller things in with color.
    Thanks for sharing the shop with us:)

  5. Linda J. says:

    Vintage shopping is a blast! I have so much fun looking for “finds” on my list (Yep, I keep a list of things I’m looking for complete with measurements for furniture items). Pink, aqua pyrex,and blues are my basic favs.

  6. Anne says:

    I love the arrangements by color — what a great idea! The shop looks adorable!

  7. tetcy says:

    I love the Sid Dickens tiles….they coordinate with everything!
    I am loving greys and greens, but in my kitchen I love cobalt blue. Got the sweetest little enamel teapot for Mother’s day!

  8. Lori Danelle says:

    Lisa, I would love to spend a day with you! I think it would be quite refreshing & right now, I could use refreshing!! I believe I got lost somewhere over the last . . .few. . .months. :)

    As for the house, I love the idea of light neutrals for the core with splashed of bright color in everything else. However, that’s actually quite a stretch for me as I tend to have very deep, rich, vibrant painted walls. White walls sort of freak me out, but I’ve painted my living room white as a test since we’re getting ready to move. Figured if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be stuck with it for long!

  9. Meghan says:

    Oooh, I LOVE this store! I work downtown and have to keep away so I don’t go crazy spending money there : )

  10. Jocelyn says:

    Oh, I just love Seattle. My husband and I took the train up there in March, leaving kids behind. What a fun city to walk around! I wish we had seen this shop.

  11. tamara says:

    this shop looks fantastic! i will definitely put it on my list for my next seattle trip. as for the colors in my home….we live in a itty bitty home, so i keep the walls white and we have light carpet. other then that though, i love using bright colors: a red leather chair, blue coffee table, and green glass retro genie lamp are current color focal points. (they’re not all in the same room!)

  12. Nicole says:

    I’m a big neutral and earth tones girl! But I’m not afraid to throw in some deep, dark purple for an accent color.

  13. Kelli says:

    I have been so focused on red and olive green for years, but I am trying to branch out to deep blues, yellows, and terra cottas.

    Thanks for the info on watson kennedy! I’m headed into the city in a few weeks and will stop by both shops downtown! Cannot wait!

  14. His website is AMAZING! I love how things are in categories by the five senses. Crazy cool!

  15. jennifer says:

    Neat place to visit when we are in Seattle next time.

    Thank for sharing!

  16. Susan says:

    Ted’s homes have been featured in BH&G and Country Living. Beautiful homes and one of my favorite stories in a magazine. I would love to see his shop but I live on the east coast :(

    BTW- I love your jewelry and your what I wore Wed. blogs!

  17. Kelly H-Y says:

    Brown/vivid blues; and deep reds! That store is adorable … I don’t think that was there when I lived in Seattle!

  18. Stacie says:

    ooh fun! we are headed to Seattle to visit fam and vacation. I can’t wait to check out this fun shop! thanks for the tip!

  19. I love Watson Kennedy – of course I live in the Seattle area, so I can go there when I want to.

    Sometimes I just end up getting bakers twine, or gift tags – but however small it is – the stuff there is always pretty amazing.

    Isn’t the little boutique-y hotel that is right next to it cool too. We always end up heading in there to use their restroom when we are at Pikes 😉 It comes in handy with the kiddos.

  20. You ALWAYS find all the cool places. I need to travel with you Lisa. Seriously, plus we have similar taste.

  21. Abbey says:

    Crazy that I “stumbled” upon this shop after you did this post when I was downtown at the 1/2 marathon expo… As soon as I walked in, I was also stumbling for words as I told my husband, “I just read Lisa Leonard’s blog post about this place!” and Ted nodded his head, that yes, you had been in… So fun to look through all the inspirational collection that is his shop… I may have to get downtown more often… =)

  22. Johnali says:

    I love Watson Kennedy… I don’t know if love is a strong enough word! I have gotten so many craft ideas from the store… Such as the recycled book page art, I really wanted to buy them all, yet not spend as much as they were asking, so I went home and started making my own. It looks great on display and is a great gift!

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