our winners for the pewter heart banner are

jen c. who wants the banner to read ‘cucina’ for her kitchen


melissa who wants it to read ‘stover’ since that is her soon-to-be married name!

congrats ladies! email me with your customization, ribbon color and address and we’ll get your banners in the mail asap! so fun!!

oh my goodness. we gave our newsletter subscribers a sneak peek at the hand-stamped lovebird wall hanging and we were overwhelmed by the tremendous response! wow!

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i hand-molded the lovedbird and each lovebird is hand-cast in solid pewter for an organic feel. absolutely darling!

and of course, you can customize each lovebird wall hanging with a hand-stamped name or phrase. love!

the lovebird wall hanging is priced $24 for the introductory rate, but it’s going to go $26 at the end of the week. so if you want to snag one head on over and check it out.