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mantel makeover {christmas}

November 29th | decorating

our old home {which we loved} didn’t have a mantel

so i am so excited to decorate the mantel in our new home this year!

here’s the before shot {above}

a bunch of stretched canvases, some starfish and a funky frame.

we are using sage green red and silver around the house

and mixing in some other colors too. i’m not too strict with color themes!

old books, berries, silver ornaments.

i am so excited for christmas and decorating is half the fun!

my mom bought me some christmas decor when i was first married {11 years now}

and every year i mix it up with a few new things.

i love using the same stuff every year!

i love white and silver trees-so versatile!

what colors are you decorating with this year?

what’s your favorite piece to use year after year?

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24 Responses

  1. Love the mantle redo and the colors!! I snagged a couple of those white trees last year at Target but I need a few more, do you remember where you got yours? I love white trees too, but just can’t bring myself to purchase a large one yet…so expensive!

  2. Paige says:

    So pretty! We do lots of red paired with gold and silver. I am decorating with lots of trees this year… small trees, lighted trees, frosted trees, etc. My favorite thing each year to bring out is my small collection of snow globes. I love them!

  3. purejoy says:

    as much as i would love to say i do something different or have a color scheme… i do the same-o, same-o. sad, but true. i have a collection of nativities… and love candles. i really try to downplay all the hoopla and focus on the reason… just call me scrooge! ; )

  4. your mantle looks wonderful! We use mostly green blue and red… I just love Christmas, and the decorating! :)

  5. deezie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    What a beautiful Mantel!!! love the mix of white and silver trees. How fun
    This year I decided to go with White,silver and turquiose/light blue. I painted lots of shells from the beach and glittered them too so my tree is also alittle beachy.
    I have a Nativity that comes out every year, it used to be my Moms growing up and it is super special to me. Its very old and vintage looking. I love it.
    have a great day Lisa

  6. Penny says:

    I think your no-strict-colour-decoration looks very good!
    When me and my husband celebrated christmas the first time together we gathered different pieces from our parents together to have something hanging on our christmas tree…now I buy some new pieces every year and mixed them up with the old ones. So it is colorful and different every year!

    Snowy Greetings from Vienna

  7. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, I love clear crystal tree decorations with a bit of gold glimmer on them.. Also beautifully glittery gold pine cones. Each year we buy another special decoration to add to our collection. I think my fav decoration at the moment is a gorgeous clear ball with a bit of gold engraving that opens up! Just stunning! Smiles..

  8. kirstie says:

    beautiful mantle, lisa! i was a little uncertain of mine this year but after a few tweaks, it’s my favorite part of our holiday decor! all new this year – well, mostly *g*

  9. connally says:

    that is a beautifully decorated mantle! makes me wish we had one just so my roommate could work her christmas magic on it:) i especially love that worn green treasure box♥ as poor college students, we decorate with simple pretty things we find in the sale aisle. but i am so excited that we are actually getting a real tree this year!:)
    and i am going to have to discretely inform my mom of this sale (half my wish list is stuff from your store-too many lovely necklaces to choose from!)
    cheers for the holidays♥

  10. Ruth Yoder says:

    wow, very nice! i’m inspired to work on my floating shelf…with some Christmas decor.

  11. Amanda says:

    Your mantle is beautiful! I love the mixes of colors and finishes. Our mantle and colors are green, blue, and silver. With a heavy dash of snowmen throughout the house!

  12. denise says:

    i’m glad to see you mix in the old with the new. every old piece in our christmas collection tells a story, so though it is mismatched i love it. my favorite piece is my willow tree nativity scene.

  13. Debby says:

    Beautiful pictures. Our current home doesn’t have a mantle and I miss it desperately – especially at Christmas time. I have a felt stocking my mother-in-law made for my husband back in the 50’s and love hanging it every year.

  14. Michele says:

    I love it! So festive. I’m almost finished decorating the Christmas tree. Too bad I don’t have a mantel, yours looks so pretty. My fave thing to decorate with year after year would have to be some funky handmade ornaments from my grandma and my husband’s grandma.

  15. valerie says:

    We just did this today, too! We did a woodland, homey theme. Lots of browns & reds.
    I love yours. Great job!

  16. Tiffany Day says:

    hi lisa

    love the mantel! The colors are so pretty. I will be getting my house in order this week – I may use a few of your ideas here and there!! We do have more of an old fashion snowman thing going on – but I am thinking pinecones in glass jars, maybe some bells and cranberries too!! So fun, thanks for sharing!


  17. anne marie says:

    Hi Lisa….Heather Bullard’s post today was great, and I so entered the giveaway you are generously doing with her….(she’s so sweet isn’t she?) she talked about my barn sales this past October and I felt so humbled when she said the things she did –
    anyhow, it was so nice to meet you, and I can’t wait to be back here to keep in touch :)
    stop by the farm anytime
    Anne Marie

  18. Stopped over from Heather Bullard’s, thanks for sharing your beautiful jewelry and home!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

    By the way, I’m having a Jeanne d’Arc Living Giveaway!

  19. Sarah says:

    This year, we’re mostly decorating with silver, red, and green. My favorite holiday decoration that we hang every year are our Christmas stockings that my grandma handmade everyone in our family. They mean so much to us!!
    Love your mantle, Lisa! :)

  20. Kristen says:

    I adore your mantle! I used my grandmothers’ silver platters, greenery, mercury candle holders and some gorgeous glitter stars from PB a few years ago.

  21. Karen says:

    Your mantle is lovely! My Christmas decor is mostly red, celadon green, and brown with lots of lush greenery. I love finding new pieces each year, but my favorite piece is definetly my nativity. My mom gave me a new piece every year for Christmas and it is now complete!

  22. Beautiful Lisa!! I think I have those same sparkly branches on my mantel too. :) They are the same ones if yours are very messy too. Ack!

  23. jennifer says:

    love it lisa!!! i’m using red + gold + silver this year!

    where did you get those adorable white christmas trees?! i’ve been looking for some just like them!

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