from sweet Emily of The Pilot’s Wife {mini house tour} with love

Hello friends and hello new week! The last week we’ve been home sick {Matthias has had an ear infection} so I’ve gotten some cleaning and purging done around the house. Wow, it feels so good! That seemed like a good reason to take some pics to share for this week’s ‘Hello Monday’ post!Hello sunflowers from sweet Emily of The Pilot’s Wife. She and her family stayed at our house for a few days and it was wonderful to catch up!

Hello happy. This little corner is so bright and cheery.

Hello antibotics. Matthias will be taking them for 6 more days still {and he hates the taste-bummer!}

Hello vegetables. I’ve been roasting eggplant, zucchini, onions and tomatoes with a little olive oil and salt–and they are delicious!

Hello fruity wall full of painting gathered at thrift shops and made sweeter with some watercolors by Chrissie.

Hello summer mantel. Simple, clean and whimsical.

Hello little bust with a bow around your neck. You’re all dressed up!

Hello kitchen cabinets that I would love to paint. Someday we’ll paint them cream–I just know it!

Hello entryway with an oversized sailboat and ocean paintings.

Hello to two doctor appointments this week {both for David}. Just check-ups, I don’t expect anything unusual.

Hello cozy couch that makes a great napping spot. Not that I get to nap often, but sometimes I sneak in a few minutes just to collect my thoughts.

Hello to dinner with our friends the Millers this week. We love them!

Hello ready for summer. The boys don’t get out until June 14th and we are counting down!

Hello books, books and more books. Both of my boys love books {well all of my boys, if you count Steve!}. I love a good book but I don’t read as much as I should. Are you reading a good book right now?

Hello teapot. I love that you help make my delicious french press coffee every morning. Yum!

 Hello oranges from our yard. They are really tasty too–surprising since we haven’t taken care of the tree this year.

Hello Monday! It’s a new week filled with lots to do and friends to see. And summer is just around the corner–yay!


  1. Loved the house tour. You have a way with color. Really really loved seeing the vintage Fisher Price xylophone on the wall…..I have one as well, wondering where in our home I could hang it! Hello inspiration!

  2. I like the style of this house. It’s very vintage. This house reminds me of my grandmother’s house. She loves flowers and colorful cabinets. It’s very relaxing on the eyes.

    1. The good news? I wouldn’t have even noticed! We love you guys! I hope we find ourselves in Arkansas sometime soon. xo

  3. You must read Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis! It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and I read a lot! You’ll love it!

  4. Love the pops of bright blue! Since we moved to Santa Barbara, it’s my new favorite color. Looks like a warm and cheerful home. Blessings.

  5. Hi Lisa honey, we are finally! home from our 7 week trip to Europe/UK and I am as sick as a puppy! We picked up some virus in France in the 3-4 week or our trip and I can’t seem to kick it. I’ve had 3 lots of antibiotics (oh yuk big time) and I think I could be heading for my 4th because I have developed severe sinusitis (which they say is viral) and now I have a wheezy, chesty cough. Oh phoop because I am DESPERATE to get out into the garden. It’s winter here at the moment.
    I hope it’s okay that when I link my Hello Monday blog post it’s actually my Tuesday here in NZ? Hugs xx

  6. I love how your house looks so crisp and blue and ready for summer fun!

    Funny that you mention the French press — I just bought one myself (and posted about it on Friday). Going to follow that link you posted above, to see if I’m doing it right!

  7. Hello to your house tour! I loved it!

    I am saying hello to getting my senior’s report cards done by Wednesday at midnight. Ugh. Hello to graduation Friday night, my cousin’s wedding reception Saturday night, and my older daughter’s bridging ceremony for Brownies on Sunday. Whew! I’m tired already!

  8. Sorry to hear about Matthias’s ear infection…hope he is feeling better soon. My kids hate the taste of antibiotics, too. 🙁 Your home is wonderful — so happy and full of love. Question for you — I like the big clips you use to display your sons’ artwork in their room. Did you attach them to the moulding yourself, or buy them like that? Love that idea, want to do it for my kids too!

    1. hi Michelle, I found them pre-made at a thrift store but i think they might have something like that at the Land of Nod or the Pottery Barn!

  9. Hello to summer programs for the kids that start today at our library. From now until the end of July afternoons will be full of happy, (kind of noisy) kids enjoying all sorts of programs. Good bye retirees (many of them headed back to the north) and hello to the kids…summer is my kind of fun!

  10. Oh my gosh….I love your duvet. It is the EXACT color I have been looking for! Can you share where you purchased it?

  11. Could you tell me about the heart above your bed? Did you make it? I love how it makes such a big statement in such a simple way….

  12. Lucky duck! Your house looks so clean!!! We’re in the process of finding places for all the art work from the year, emptying backpacks, and finding weird stuff at the bottom! I hope to get as organized as your home, Lisa, by the end of the week!

  13. Hi Lisa,
    French press coffee? I tried it for the first time this weekend at a local coffee shop. It was very good, but it seems daunting to try it myself. Do you have any advice on how to get started doing it at home? I love your blog and check in every day! Thank you.

  14. Ear infections are the worst! I had a couple two years ago and I kept saying, “I understand why babies cry so much with an ear infection.” It was the worst pain!

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