it was time to take down the christmas decor on the mantle and freshen up for a new year! after christmas i love to keep things simple and fresh.i went with a valentine’s theme. i found some foam hearts {for the string of hearts} and red glitter heart ornaments at michaels.the owls and the mirror are from a local shop called ‘the nest’. they were having a huge clearance sale. yay for a good deal. boo that they are closing their doors.

the owls were painted with neutral browns and greens-which i loved. so i really debated painting them–but after some deliberation, i decided i really wanted a punch of fun color. so i bought a can of glossy aqua spray paint and gave them new coat. then i sanded them just  a bit so the brown came through. so fun!i used glass vases from the dollar store to hold twigs and charming, old thrift store books to create height.  now our mantle is fresh and bright!i don’t usually decorate for valentines day–but the red hearts and aqua owls are making me so happy!

do you decorate for valentines day?