the best kind of worn out.

david, finding love By March 3, 2010 77 Comments


these are the shoes david wears every day.

and guess what? they’re worn out.

there’s a hole right through the bottom of the shoe.

and you know how he did it?

exploring, walking, running, and generally getting into trouble.



and we couldn’t be happier.

i remember when david was born

and the doctor told us he would never walk, or talk

that he may not see or hear.

and we cried.

and we wondered and waited.

and one day, when he was five years old-he did it!

for months, he’d been pulling up, cruising, but finally, he walked.




and now he’s wearing out his shoes.  love that.

here are some new kicks. get busy wearing them out, kid!



and david we love you.

you are pure joy and silliness.


love is all around.

finding love By February 12, 2010 No Comments



so thankful for friends + family, both around us and online.

so thankful to find love is all around us

and has a strong hold on us.


i took the above pics outside this morning.

below i found this billboard in santa barbara.  i think it’s a new ballet.




sending you love and hugs today!