finding light

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we’ve had some seeerious rain the last couple days.

but also nice breaks, with lots of blue skies and sunlight.

i wandered outside to shoot some pics between downpours.

i love how everything looks and smells fresh after the rain.




then i set my computer on the kitchen table

so i could enjoy every ounce of sunlight.





finding {love} in the ordinary #3.

#2 was yesterday.  i forgot to number it, oops!

i took this pic with a flashlight set in the middle of a book.

the beam of light casts a glow in the shape of a heart.

and the book is a hymnal.  opened to my favorite hymn…come thou fount.

this guy sang it at our wedding.  i love that hymn.

what’s your favorite hymn?



and david.  sigh. he is still having a lot of discomfort.

lots of cramping and gas.  you probably don’t want to know all the details.

but he is tired and so am i.

i called the dr. again today to see what we should do.

praying that he’ll call back with a simple solution.

i hate to see him uncomfortable.  i want my happy guy.

* * *

sending hugs your way!


fly free necklace and look what they’ve done!!! {sloan photography art}

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matt and angie got their hands on a fly free necklace and look what they’ve done!

i mean, they are geniuses!  seriously!!




gorgeous.  their photography is art.  no question.

oh my goodness.  look at this session.  this is the

love, love, love.




your mission today…

1.  head over to sloan photography

2. leave a comment telling them how amazing they are.

{and they are giving a necklace away–so go enter!!}

3. if you live anywhere near gilbert, arizona, book a session.  seriously.

4.  get inspired and go snap some pics!!

extra credit***raffle to raise money for haiti here (win $100 to LLD!!)


finding {love} in the ordinary

matthias, photography By January 13, 2010 31 Comments


i’m so excited about the photo challenge toni is heading up.

it’s called one hundred photos

pick your own theme

take a couple photos a week

and get inspired and grow in your photography skills over the year.

my theme is ‘finding love in ordinary places’.

ordinary places–like doing dishes.  or looking out the window.

want to join in?  what will your theme be?

you can find out more here. have fun and get inspired!



and speaking of love (nice transition, right?)

little gracie was definitely loving her frozen yogurt.

there is a ton of personality packed into her little body.



we met max and gracie at the park monday afternoon.

a half hour of awesomeness.

the way matthias is sitting in that pic (top, right) makes him look so.dang.big.

it kills me.  and it’s wonderful.  does every mom love/hate seeing her kids grow??




and a couple more sweet pictures to inspire you today.

please tell me about your day!


sunday morning light

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the light was so beautiful this morning.  i pulled the car over on the way to church and snapped a few pics.  the ground was dewy and everything was glowing.  i could have taken a lot more pics, but i didn’t want to be later than we usually are!




horses are so amazing.  i haven’t ridden a horse in probably 20 years, but they are the most beautiful creatures-don’t you think?




we had a quiet sunday.  so nice.  time for baths and lunch-making and monday morning prep.


and winners!!

mel and shannon are our randomly chosen winners for the ‘from up here‘ necklace,

hot shots photog book and postcards.

congrats ladies!


to stop rushing and remember that… {*new from up here necklace}

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a little birdie sits quietly on a wire.  things must be so much simpler from up here.  no rushing around, no distractions, plenty of time to take it all in.

our new ‘from up here’ necklace is the perfect way to remind yourself what’s important.

to stop rushing and remember that life really is pretty simple.


A thick charm (1/2″) is hand-stamped with our exclusive bird on a wire.  paired with a sterling disc (1/2″), a cream freshwater pearl and two aqua stones.  simple, beautiful and so meaningful.

you can find the necklace here.

* * *

and we’re doing a big giveaway!  TWO winners will win a ‘from up here’ necklace, my fave photography book {hot shots}, and 10 photo postcards take by yours truly.




i found this book at our local borders, and it’s filled with simple ideas to take creative shots.  remember this post?  or this one?  all ideas i got from this book.  love it!

* * *

so leave a comment and tell us what you imagine that little birdie on the wire is thinking about!

want 3 more chances to win?

tweet about the giveaway, tweet and link back and/or share on facebook.

make sure to leave a comment for each entry!



phone pics…

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a few phone pics from the last month or so.  the iphone takes a decent pic–especially if the subject is still (unlike david!!).  i’ve got a couple fuuun designs in the works.  so exciting!  are you curious?  i’ll be sharing soon.

do you twitter?  follow me here.

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oh tuesday!  why are you so far away from friday?  today i’ve got a coffee date with friends this morning and then a ridiculous to-do list (clean whole house, plan birthday party, meal planning, etc, etc).  still catching up. what’s on your list today?


happy new year

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goodbye 2009, hello 2010!


that sounds so stange!  so futuristic.

our new year’s eve party consisted of kiddos running around, grandma and grandpa, a few gifts, lots of finger foods and a campfire.  we counted down, blew noisemakers and pulled poppers at 7:30pm.  early night as we had to put the kids down by 8pm!


the photos where taken with a tripod (or set your camera on a solid surface) while using a flashlight to create an image.  make sure the flash on your camera is off.

* * *



happy new year, dear friends!

this blog is a daily blessing to me and i look forward to sharing 2010 with you!