gabrielle turns one!

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My friend Stephanie Bryant {one of the founders of incourage} visited last week with her amazing husband and their adorable daughter, Gabrielle. We had so much fun talking, laughing, playing apples to apples and eating yummy food. Gabrielle was about to turn one so we pulled my aqua chair out into the backyard and snapped some pics of her. Isn’t she full of personality?

{cake toppers available here}

Happy birthday, Gabrielle! You are entirely lovable and ADORABLE!


one of the most amazing shops in Paso Robles {firefly gallery}

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Ready for some inspiration? Firefly Gallery has been one of my very favorite shops in Paso Robles since I first discovered them years ago. It’s a mother/daughter team that owns it–and they have an eye for design. And they carry our boutique collection which makes my heart so happy!! I stopped by last week and snapped some pics of their gorgeous shop. Take a look…

Paso Robles has some fabulous restaurants, vineyards and tasting rooms and boutiques. It’s about 30 minutes from San Luis Obispo–and worth the trip!

Make sure to follow Firefly Gallery on Instagram!

If you had $100 to spend in a boutique, would you spend it on books, clothes or housewares?


introducing the new ‘wildflowers necklace’ {around the workshop}

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After I drop the boys at school and maybe run a quick errand, I’m at the workshop, dreaming, creating, connecting and planning. It’s bright space that’s half industrial, half inspirational. I don’t talk about it enough, but we have a fantastic team that makes things happen. They’re the ones that answer your phone calls, polish your jewelry, prepare packages to be shipping and make Lisa Leonard Designs run on a daily basis. I am humbled and grateful on a daily basis to work with this team.

Want to know something funny? I’m actually an introvert. I can be shy and sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk to jump in, get to know people and engage in larger group situations. In the workshop I can be quiet, but I’m trying to stretch myself and be more chatty and conversational.

For me, coffee is not optional. 😉

We store jewelry components in these large cabinets and I seriously love to go through the pieces, dream up different combinations and get creative.

This is where the customization happens. It’s a labor intensive process but the end result means YOU have YOUR special people close to your heart. And I love that.

Have you seen the new ‘my wildflower’s necklace? It’s about celebrating a love that grows wild and free. It speaks to my heart.

The backside of each tag is hand-stamped with your special name.

It’s surreal to have a team working behind the scenes. I remember working alone at my kitchen table in the early days-sometimes I have to pinch myself.
Today I’m down in LA with David, visiting the orthopedic hip/leg specialist at UCLA. Things continue to buzz in the workshop.

We’re thrilled to introduce the new wildflowers necklace! Don’t you love it? There will be many, probably hundreds of these created and shipping out this week. Incredible.

Which flower is your favorite?


a friend in need…

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Since David’s birth we have had many hospital stays, surgeries and difficult times. And during those times, we’ve had friends who have walked beside us and loved us well. I’m not sure I would have known how to love someone well, before experiencing such intense pain, sadness and stress firsthand.  It’s hard to be in need. I’d much rather be the one to encourage and bless, rather than receive. Wouldn’t you? But being needy means someone else gets to serve—and that’s a beautiful thing!

We just completed a short hospital stay and I was reminded of how small acts of kindness can carry such great meaning. I’d love to share some of the simple ways that others have encouraged us during difficult times.

I’m blogging over at {in}courage today. Hop over and read the five ways you can encourage a friend in need!


amazing and inspiring art by lori danelle + get a peek at working process!

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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing more about Lori Danelle’s amazing art.

Oh my goodness, that girl is talented. She took a post I wrote a couple years ago and turned into a gorgeous paper-cutting. Take a look!

The words read…

How about you and me hold hands?

And we’ll walk together.

And we’ll take each day one step at a time.

We’ll try not to worry about tomorrow.

Because tomorrow’s too far away.

But we’ll enjoy the moment we’re in.

Because right now i don’t want to be anywhere else but walking with you.

Your hand in mine is a beautiful thing.

These words capture so much of how I feel about life and worry and guilt and trying to live in the moment!

And that pouf ottoman? I found it at my favorite thrift store last week. So exciting!

The paper cutting has such detail–then Lori took it and made the image work for stretched canvas and posters.

The detail is truly amazing and inspiring!

Below is what the paper cutting looked like when it was finished. Isn’t it incredible?!

Take a moment to watch this time lapse video that Lori created. It will knock your socks off!

Gosh, I love it when other artists let us get a peek at their process, don’t you?

Hop over to Lori’s shop to check out her canvas prints and posters. The 11×14 poster is only $20! And make sure to use code LLFRIEND for 15% off!

What’s inspiring you today?


on being brave

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This is my niece Jessica, or as she prefers to be called, Merida. First off, can we talk about how adorable she is?! And she’s even more beautiful on the inside. I love her sweet heart!

Have you seen the movie Brave? Merida is the main character. She’s full of spunk and ideas and she’s BRAVE!

Among other aspirations, she wants to be Merida at Disneyland when she grows up. And with her gorgeous, red curls and fair skin–she’s a natural! She’s also working on archery {and getting really good!} and plans to do some horse riding in the near future.

Jessica, er I mean, Merida is determined and working hard to reach her goals. She’s one brave six year old.

I feel like some days, getting out of bed requires an extra measure of bravery. Then there are things throughout the day and week that require bravery. I don’t want to let fear hold me back. I don’t want to not do something because it’s scary. I want to push myself, engage, try to new things, love well {even when it’s scary} and live life with courage.

Today I’m working on scheduling tests for David that will mean he’s uncomfortable and has to stay in the hospital a couple nights. And I’m scared. But we need to see if his body is working. I want him to be healthy and to thrive.

I’m working on some new designs that are stretching me creatively and it’s intimidating. But exciting.

I’m working on a session for a conference that I’ll be speaking at in a couple months and it’s terrifying. But I want to do it.

Maybe later I’ll go bury myself under lots of blankets and hide from the world. but right now I’m jumping in and letting it be hard.

I want to be brave.

Are you facing any challenging or intimidating situations?


what i wore – love and laurel

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I love a good, vintage dress–how about you? This black, polka dot dress was found at a great little thrift shop for $4. Definitely worth a try, I think. I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!

You already know that I love mixing prints–so stripes and polka dots make this first outfit easy and fun.

For the second outfit I layered a denim jacket and leopard print heels. I think I like this look better, how about you?

The love and laurel necklace is a FAVORITE this season! Have you picked on up yet? 

Outfit details: Polka dot dress, thrifted. Green faux leather jacket, Forever 21 {via thrift store}. Striped scarf, found at a boutique in Savannah. Booties, Sam Edelman. Leather clutch, estate sale. Denim jacket, Gap. Leopard print heels, Target. Love and laurel necklace, my shop.

Look one is fun, but look two is more flattering, I think. Which one do you like better?


1 fun story about true friends {and bracelet}

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Hello friends!

Today I have a fun story to share with you. Shelby and Makela are two of our AWESOME team members–helping with marketing and production. They are each such amazing girls and we love having them in the workshop. They met here at Lisa Leonard Designs and now they’re roommate. How fun is that? We asked Shelby and Makela to model our true friend bracelets {available today only!} and we asked them to share about their friendship.

We met at Lisa Leonard Designs out on the production floor. We were both looking for housing and Shelby asked Makela if she wanted to find a place together. Through conversations we realized our home towns were right next to each other in Northern California, and our paths had crossed many times. We even attended the same volleyball camp when we were younger and we didn’t even know it!

We are both really easy going and light hearted which makes it easy to live and work together. Our lifestyles are pretty similar and we find a balance in spending time with other people as well. We enjoy assembling jewelry…duh, dancing and listening to live music, juicing, sitting by our fireplace in the mornings with our cup of joe, crocheting, being outside, decorating our house, late night chats (late night, as in 9 o’clock), soaking up  the sun at the beach,  and dreaming about many adventures in far away places.

true friend bracelets pictured above, available today only!

Shelby: I can’t keep houseplants alive, my solution is to just buy more. I eat cereal in bed almost every night.  Makela stirs my oatmeal in the morning when I’m frantically getting ready for work. Makela leaves me little sweet notes every now and then.
Makela: I love my candles. Shelby feeds me while my grocery routine is lousy. While Shelby’s on her early morning run I brew our coffee. The couch next to our armoire sits more clothes than it does people. I worry about Shelby if she isn’t home by ten o’clock (we’re both not night owls).
We both love: pine trees, camping, the river, antlers, dansko clogs, and hot buttered rum.

There was a power outage one night and our neighbor decided to set off fireworks while we were sound asleep. We both woke up convinced that they were gun shots. As we were about to call the cops we looked out the window and realized it was only fireworks. He is really strange and always up to something. We are continually looking out our window at his house, and feel like we are the detectives on a case.

 Shelby and Makela, thank you for sharing about your friendship. It makes my heart happy!

Click here to see our true friend bracelets. So fun! Available today only.

Tell us about a friend who has journeyed with you and makes life better!


falling in love with stitch fix

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Hello friends! I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

This is not a sponsored post, but it does include referral links.

Have you heard of stitch fix? I’ve been hearing about it for a while and I’ve been intrigued. Last month I was at the beach with the incourage ladies and every time I said, “Love that top!” or “What an adorable dress!” I would hear ‘STITCH FIX!” So I decided to jump in and give it a try.

Basically, you fill out a style profile and stitch fix delivers a box of 5 pieces of clothing to your door. Keep what you want, send the rest back with free shipping. It costs $25 to get your first box delivered but you can put that money towards clothing.

It’s perfect if you want to try clothes on in the privacy of your own home and see how they mix and match with what you already have. There’s no rushing {which I love} and the quality was seriously awesome!

My first box arrived last week and inside were this sweater, these jeans and this coat. I was shocked at how much a loved everything!

You can set your desired price point in your style profile, everything in my box ranged from $35-89.

 I TOTALLY recommend stitch fix. Easy and FUN! Kind of like Christmas but way easier.

Outfit details: Skinny jeans, Striped sweater, Navy coat, all stitch fix. Denim shirt, Anthropologie. Boots, Sam Edelman {via local boutique}. Love and Laurel necklace, My shop. Beauty in Brokenness bag, My shop.


new necklace to accept imperfect and so beautiful life

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hello friends! hello monday.

it’s a brand new week and i have a new necklace to share with you!

it’s only available for three days and it’s ADORABLE. and even better, it’s filled with meaning.

hello tied to my heart necklace.

hello CdLS foundation–we are thankful for you!

hello love. this piece captures how David has changed our lives and taught me how to love.

Hello family photos with this sweet necklace next to my heart and my boys beside me.

 Hello family. These boys are my everything.

Hello smile. David’s sweet smile melts my heart!

Hello brothers. These two boys are so different and so amazing. And they love each other well.

Hello squeezing. My boys are cuddle bugs!

Hello holding my necklace. All the time. Love.

Hello little hand. I was so worried about it when he was born, now that’s just David and I think he’s beautiful.

Hello silliness. I can’t resist him.

Hello my heart. He is and always will be tied to it.

Hello beauty in brokenness. It’s imperfect but so, so beautiful.

Hello tangible representation of love and thankfulness. This necklace is gorgeous and full of meaning. And only available until Wednesday!

Hello limited quantities. It makes a great gift–so if you want one {or two} hop over and shop. 10% of the proceeds go to the CdLS foundation.

Hello us. Hello four. Hello heart that is full!

Hello story– you can read about the necklace here.

 Hello new necklace–I hope you love it as much as I do!

Hello Monday! What are you saying hello to this week? Leave us some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there!