salvage, morro bay

decorating, inspiration By June 28, 2011 35 Comments

i came across the prettiest little shop in morro bay a couple weeks ago.
she has a great collection of vintage seascapes, blue glass and these aprons hung on a clothesline. so sweet.

it’s located right across from dorns on morro bay blvd. her hours are sporadic, but you can call to make sure they’re open 805-801-0085.

i’m on the hunt for a couple of vintage, upholstered chairs or a beautiful vintage leather couch.  if you could choose to come across the perfect little treasure, at the perfect little price–what would your treasure be?


sunday inspiration {pinterest}

inspiration, pinterest By June 26, 2011 47 Comments

1 blueberry overnight french toast–i want to make this!!
2 a very wear-able and cute outfit
3 these yellow sandals are too cute
4 art party via the pleated poppy
5 s’more station–genius

what’s inspiring you today?


watson kennedy {seattle}

decorating, inspiration By June 14, 2011 22 Comments

while steve and i were exploring seattle, we stumbled on the sweetest shop called watson kennedy. sometimes when i walk into an inspiring shop i have to take a deep breath and slow down so i can really soak it in. when i walked into watson kennedy, i had to take 5 deep breaths. everything is so artfully arranged and beautiful.

there are various displays around the shop that are arranged by color. above is the orange table–isn’t it inspiring? orange is such a vibrant, happy color.

bright ribbons and vintage typewrites–perfect.

the above art is made with pieces of paper–so lovely in it’s simplicity. i wanted to buy them all.

green glass stacked on tiered plates, sigh. believe me, every square inch of the shop is full of amazing finds.

there were lots of vintage letters and signs around the store–so much texture. and i love to spell words that warm my heart.

the shop owner, ted, and i were able to chat a bit–he is so talented. watson kennedy was the most charming boutique i encountered in seattle.

and prints from hugo guiness–love, seriously. if you are in the seattle area you’ve got to go explore this shop. i promise you’ll leave inspired!

watson kennedy is located at 1022 1st avenue, seattle WA. visit his website here and his blog here!

in my home i use a lot of neutrals for the base {couches, walls} and then add in vintage art and pops of color. right now i’m loving aqua, olive green and yellow. what colors are you loving for your home?


inspiration sunday {pinterest}

inspiration, pinterest By June 12, 2011 13 Comments

Source: None via lisaleonard on Pinterest

1 super cute paper straws for the 4th
2 oreo pops–these looks so easy!
3 wooden birdcages-perfect!
4 i heart this summer list from meg {matthias and i are working on one}
5 love these yarn lanterns. so fun

what’s inspiring you today?


one of my favorite vintage shops in santa barbara {punch}

decorating, inspiration By June 9, 2011 26 Comments

punch is one of my favorite vintage shops in santa barbara. it’s located near anthropologie and just down the way from carlitos {super yummy mexican fusion}, so the location is pretty much perfect.

it’s eclectic and colorful and full of inspiration. isn’t that aqua chandelier fun?!

and i love these green suitcases for stacking and storing things.

these plastic letter magnets take me waaaay back. question, at what age does ‘bed’ go from being something negative to something wonderful?

that yellow mirror is so happy!

this little floral pin would be so cute on a purse or sundress.

so many pretty things in one shop–makes my heart happy!

a vintage, green record player. love.

if you’re near santa barbara, stop by for a visit. punch is located at 1223 state street.

are you feeling inspired?


our summer line is here!

inspiration, jewelry, photography By June 7, 2011 24 Comments

sweet friends, it’s here! i’m so excited to share our summer line with you.

the pieces are playful and fun–perfect for sunshine and long summer days.

many of the pieces are limited edition, like our new cluster necklace {above}. it’s available in lemon yellow or caribbean blue.

some friends helped us with a photo shoot. such a darling family–we had so much fun taking pictures.

i have a pinwheel tutorial to show you tomorrow. they are so easy to make!

our new play every day necklace is whimsical and sweet. i love it!

this little guy has a big personality. and i am completely smitten!

check out these gorgeous sundrop earrings. so easy for every day.

hooray for summer! you can see the entire summer line here!


inspiration sunday

inspiration, pinterest By June 5, 2011 16 Comments

1. mint ice cream heaven
2. forks as placecards. so cute!
3. clever pancakes-matthias’ exact words were, ‘let’s make them all!’
4. the prettiest bridesmaids dresses
5. a stack of gorgeous bowls.

what’s inspiring you today?


sunday inspiration {pinterest}

inspiration, pinterest By May 29, 2011 14 Comments

Source: via lisaleonard on Pinterest


1. super cute butterfly craft from meg duerksen
2 trix on a stick? yum!
3 love this outfit for coastal summers
4 embellished paper plates. love.
5 this butterfly bouquet is genius
6 faux taxidermy is rocking my world
7 daffodils and limes–perfect!

what’s inspiring you today?


are you hunting for a special treasure?! {angel antiques, carpinteria ca}

adventures, inspiration By May 26, 2011 15 Comments

chrissie and i discovered the sweetest antique shop in carpinteria, california. it’s full of wonderful treasures. make sure you have plenty of time to browse and hunt for the perfect piece.

i ended up with a painted vase from mexico {you can see it pictured below} which is sitting on my mantel as we speak. i also brought home a few vintage trophies and some antlers.

the disco ball wasn’t for sale–but how fun would that be?!

still on the lookout for a couple smaller globes and maybe a colorful croquet set. if you are driving on the 101 near santa barbara, make sure to stop by angel antiques. their located at 4846 carpinteria avenue. so fun!

are you currently hunting for a special treasure?