hello monday

hello monday By June 27, 2011 123 Comments

hello lazy mornings

hello playing at the beach

hello mom {me} who’s trying to work and play–it gets a little crazy!

hello friends passing through town

hello washing sheets to prepare for our next set of summer guests

hello baylee whose is babysitting this summer and is SUCH a blessing

hello treasures found on the shore

hello thrifty’s ice cream on a summer day

hello kids who have endless energy during the day and sleep hard at night

hello running into  blog world friends in unexpected places {hi sonja!}

hello shoes filled with sand and salty hair

hello matthias starts zoo camp this week

hello fresh fruit stands with the sweetest strawberries

hello BBQ hot dogs and homemade cobbler

hello monday! it’s a new week of summer and we are loving it!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

adventures, hello monday By June 20, 2011 10 Comments

hello summer!

hello seagulls and cloudy skies

hello excited to play and enjoy the warm days

hello cupcakes {i had a lemondrop cupcake–yum}

hello playing with cousins all day on friday

hello hopping on my computer late at night to keep up!

hello flips flops and skirts

hello sand and running from waves

hello picnic lunch and a flexible schedule

hello sparkly pool and lounge chairs

hello swimming with friends while the sun sets

hello monday! summer has begun and we are thrilled.

what are you saying hello to on this summer day?


hello monday

hello monday By June 13, 2011 29 Comments

hello pretty pink flowers and brick pathway

hello bicycle inspiring me to go for a ride

hello long summer days

hello old friends we love to spend time with

hello jumping and showing off some pretty sweet moves

hello being silly just because it’s fun

hello last week of school

hello to later bedtimes and slower mornings

hello haircut tomorrow, yay!! {i think i might go shorter for summer}

hello watercolored spoon that my sister painted {isn’t she talented?!}

hello sunshine and blue sky {finally!}

hello monday! we are so excited for this week.

what are you saying hello to today?



hello monday

hello monday By June 6, 2011 20 Comments

hello 9 days of school left {not that we’re counting}

hello rain. we’re ready for sunshine!

hello sweet pansy. pansies are happy flowers

hello seattle! we had a great weekend

hello meeting new {and awesome} bloggers

hello time away with my sweetie {i have more pics to share!}

hello busy week and time with friends

hello graduation parties

hello grocery shopping and tidying up the house

hello pinwheels and play time {more on that soon!}

hello new summer line to share

hello monday! it’s going to be a sweet week.

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By May 30, 2011 17 Comments

hello amazing photo shoot last week

hello curly hair and horses

hello wind that just won’t quit

hello junking and treasure finding

hello microwave smores and wishing for summer

hello sisters visiting. makes me so happy!

hello daddy’s home {he was gone for two weeks!}

hello shadows and a teenie tiny action figure

hello sweet boys by my side

hello amazing fish tacos at mo’s

hello holiday and remembering those who fought for our country

hello monday! we’re so glad you’re part of the weekend this week.

what are you saying hello to today?



hello monday

hello monday By May 23, 2011 25 Comments

hello beautiful wedding over the weekend. i love love.

hello sweet bouquet token.

hello chandelier hung in a gazebo.

hello pear that bears a striking resemblance to the painting in our family room

hello summer fruit that i can’t get enough of!

hello salads and eating outside.


hello pretty shadow.

hello warmer days teasing me and making me long for summer.

hello jergens natural glow lotion {my arms need some color!}

hello art from barn owl primitives making my living room sweeter.

hello photo shoots and product i can’t wait to share.

hello monday! it’s going to be a crazy, busy week!

what are you saying hello to on this fine monday morning?


hello monday

hello monday By May 16, 2011 25 Comments

hello sprinkly weekend and cloudy skies with bits of sunshine

hello finding a few moments to spray paint when the sun popped out

hello to learning new things about my camera. so inspiring!

hello sprucing up the house a bit

hello thrifted pomegranate painting that i almost missed

hello new pillow from world market

hello bright colors making me smile

hello dreaming and scheming lots of new ideas

hello itching for summer and planning fun things!

hello to my new obsession. apparently i love glass bottles.

hello photo shoot we are busy preparing for

hello summer line i can’t wait to show you!

hello peachy roses in bloom

hello gorgeous chair (i wish you weren’t $500)

hello monday! it’s going to be an inspiring week, i can tell!

what are you saying hello to on this sweet, new monday?


hello monday

hello monday By May 9, 2011 19 Comments

hello fresh cherries in pretty green baskets

hello jam to be made {i want to try the low-sugar version this year}

hello longing for summer! hello only 6 more weeks of school

hello huge chalkboard in our loft upstairs

hello family photo shoot {more pics soon}

hello doodling and sketching

hello huge jackrabbit running wild in the field

hello windmill and tall grass

hello blue sky, warm sun and cool breeze

hello new mother’s day dress

hello snuggles and love from my sweet family

hello feeling taken care of and special all day

hello laundry to fold, house to tidy, and email to catch up on

hello fun projects to work on this week

hello monday, it’s going to be a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to on this sweet monday morning?


hello monday

hello monday By May 2, 2011 17 Comments

hello may-we’re so glad to see you!

hello sunshine and flowers

hello ideas and sprucing up the house

hello lots of junking and treasure finding over the weekend!

hello FUN show at ruby rose {more pics soon!}

hello pewter wands and keepsake bowls

hello royal wedding

hello scones, crowns and bling courtesy of my sweet friend crystal

hello new marriage-william and kate, we wish you every happiness!

hello cutest trailer in the woooorld

hello dreaming of camping and memory making with my family this summer

hello shopping for shorts, skirts and flip flops

hello mother’s day! shop TODAY for delivery before mother’s day!

hello working overtime in the workshop

hello monday! it’s going to be a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By April 25, 2011 24 Comments

hello cleaning up plastic eggs and easter grass

hello chocolate and jellybean overload

hello new sketch pad, colored pencils and slinkys from easter baskets

hello week two of spring break

hello playing playing playing all day long

hello cousins and neighbors and more playing

hello little flowers

hello hazy sunshine and longer days

hello fresh strawberries

hello spring wreath {more coming soon!}

hello sprucing up the boys bathroom {more coming soon!}

hello mother’s day is coming–and we are working hard at the shop!

hello vintage browsing and getting inspired

hello bench waiting to be painted and given new life

hello monday! it’s a beautiful new week!

what are you saying hello to today?