hello monday!

hello monday By February 28, 2011 37 Comments

hello blue skies (after lots of rain)

hello fresh air-everything feels fresh and clean

hello cold air and chilly wind {brrrr}

hello yellow, i just can’t get enough of you

hello petal pushers and vintage boots

hello loads and loads of ideas swirling around in my head

hello playing at the beach in lots of layers

and hello ice cream with lots of colors

hello pretending it’s summer

hello fresh mantle {i took the red hearts down and added a little yellow}

hello urge to spring clean

hello simplifying my home and getting organized

hello to my sweetie {steve was out of town for two weeks and he’s back!}

hello new, fun things to share this week

hello monday. it’s so good to see you again!

what are you saying hello to on this very last day of february?


hello monday

hello monday By February 21, 2011 26 Comments

hello {another} long weekend

hello antibotics and wellness, good-bye strep throat

hello sunshine after 5 days of rain

hello happy but sniffly david

hello haircuts {for both the boys!}

hello happy ending to chrissie’s story {chapter 4 coming soon!}

hello sweet and playful matthias

hello rainboots even though there are no clouds

hello grocery shopping and laundry. it’s that time again already?

hello counting down to indie 3.0 {have you signed up?}

hello new necklace i can’t wait to share this week

hello monday and hello new week!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By February 14, 2011 43 Comments

hello valentine. will you be mine?

hello cupcakes

hello i love yous and snuggles

hello chair from ruby rose

hello new book to read

hello project i’m super excited to share!

hello rain {goodbye sunshine}

hello trip to target

hello putting away clean laundry {i’m catching up, yay!}

hello no school today

hello cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs

hello monday! it’s going to be a great week.

what are you saying hello to on this valentine’s monday?


hello monday

hello monday By February 7, 2011 44 Comments

hi friends! friday david’s cold seemed to be improved, but our weekend went awry when late saturday evening it was clear david was worse, not better. so i took him to the emergency room and he was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia! it’s amazing what a round of strong antibotics and IV fluids can do–the next day he was so improved, they let us go home. {yay!}

hello home!  goodbye hospital.

hello our own beds and a good night’s sleep.

hello wellness. we’re so OVER this cold.

hello gorgeous sunset in morro bay

hello taco temple {one of my fave restaurants}

hello taquitos and dulce de leche

hello mound of laundry i didn’t tackle this weekend

hello pink blooms and sunshine

hello shiny, new week, we’re ready for you!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By January 31, 2011 36 Comments

hello sun, we missed you over the rainy weekend

hello lens flare that looks so warm and inviting, i wish i could step inside

hello starbucks since we are out of coffee at home {what?!}

hello home, goodbye wonderful blissdom friends

hello twenty zillion good ideas i learned last week at the conference

hello inspiration that has my head spinning

hello new month {tomorrow}

hello valentine’s day and a good excuse to tell people how much i love them

hello hearts. hearts hearts everywhere {making me happy!}

hello daffodils {from garden to glass jar}

hello sniffly david still camped out on my lap {hello typing single-handed!}

hello monday! it’s a new, beautiful week.

what are you saying hello to on this fresh, new monday?


hello monday

hello monday By January 24, 2011 56 Comments

hello sick david {boo!}

hello extra cuddles

hello tylenol that makes my sweetie feel so much better!

hello season of hearts and love–our shop is getting busy for valentine’s day!

hello finding a babysitter so steve and i can get out on a date

hello sprinkles and frosting, let’s make heart-shaped cookies!

hello packing for blissdom

hello magazines i’m gathering to read on the plane

hello time with girls i don’t see enough {yay!}

hello unseasonably gorgeous weather

hello new project i can’t wait to share this week

hello monday. it’s a new week!

what are you saying hello to this fine monday?


hello monday

hello monday By January 17, 2011 28 Comments

hello long weekend

hello day off

hello lazy morning

{or should i say hello lazy afternoon?!}

hello birthday party clean-up

hello lots of laundry to do

hello surprise visit from good friends {and frozen yogurt}

hello warm winter days {80* yesterday!}

hello sand and waves-we need a little beach time

hello sweets leftover from the pinata

hello new book to read

hello monday! we’re ready for a new week!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By January 10, 2011 92 Comments

hello monday! {good-bye wonderful weekend}

hello second cup of coffee, yuuummmm

hello warm coat and chilly mornings

hello new necklace that comes out tomorrow {can’t wait to show you!}

hello sunlight and leafless tress

hello birthday party prep {matthias turns 7 this week, yikes!}

hello handmade project to share

hello *grace* my word for 2011 {and letting things be imperfect}

hello new week, we are ready for you!

what are you saying hello to?

{and we’re extending the giveaway and sale one more day, since the blog was acting up a bit yesterday! tell us your word for 2011 below}



hello monday.

hello monday By January 3, 2011 40 Comments

hello monday
hello {first full week of} 2011
hello new beginning

hello rain
hello cold
hello school {goodbye vacation}

hello fresh, clean home [goodbye christmas decorations}
hello email {i’ve got some catching up to do!}
hello cozy fire and cocoa

hello new ideas
hello inspiration
hello new year!!

what are you saying hello to?


hello, monday morning.

hello monday By July 26, 2010 45 Comments


1. a flower outside my favorite thrift shop

2. a hummingbird who visits us every morning.

3. a bumblebee at a bridal shower

4. a backyard flower.


hello friends!

i managed to grocery shop and wash the car and do laundry yesterday-

which puts me in a good position for monday morning!


matthias starts zoo camp today.

it’s called ‘If I Ran the Zoo’. and he is so excited.

{but just between us, if he ran the zoo, the animals wouldn’t get fed

on time and there would be toys everywhere!}


david has a really nasty cold…

which is bad, because we have a heart catheterization scheduled at ucla, august 11.

and i am hoping he’ll be well so we won’t have to delay his open heart surgery.

if you don’t mind, would you take a moment to pray for his health?

* * *

i so appreciate each of you!

thank you for sharing this {crazy} journey with us.

please, tell me about your monday!