hello monday

adventures, finding beauty, hello monday By August 14, 2011 15 Comments

hello church steeple at sunset

hello canopy of leaves with sunlight peeking through

hello cousins who just met, but have known each other forever

hello seeing england through david’s eyes

hello scones, clotted cream, jam and coffee. heavenly.

hello cousin in law sara and her darling girls

hello little ladybug with well placed spots

hello bright colors from a summer market

hello birds in a cloudy sky

hello union jack–we are having a wonderful time in england!

today we are going to explore oxford and maybe do a little antiquing.

what are you saying hello to on this sweet, new monday?


hello monday

hello monday By August 8, 2011 17 Comments

hello fresh strawberries in aqua baskets

hello farmers market in grants pass, oregon

hello to a sweet weekend with my sis–so thankful we had a little time together!

hello sunflowers–i’m always drawn to you

hello getting through lots and lots of laundry–with help from my husband

hello projects and projects i can’t wait to tell you about!

hello cherries so dark, they’re almost black

hello using up the last food in our fridge

hello last minute errands

hello packing for our trip to england!

hello putting together fun plane packs for each kiddos {and some things for me too}

hello trying to leave the house in a decent state

hello boys who can’t wait to see their english cousins!

hello hoping david can handle the 10 hour plane ride {sleep please!}

hello monday! we are leaving for london today. i’ll be blogging from across the pond–so keep up with us as we travel.

what are you saying hello to on this brand new monday morning?


hello monday

adventures, hello monday By August 1, 2011 17 Comments

hello cabin in the mountains with all my parents, brothers and sisters and their kids {all 24 of us!}

hello cousins playing all day and all night

hello taking turns making meals and cleaning up the kitchen

hello blue skies and then thunderstorms

hello waterslides and splashing in the lake

hello not enough sleep and extra coffee

hello mud pies and sandy feet {and sandy clothes and sandy towels}

hello sunscreen and bug repellent

hello tag and hide-n-seek and bean bag toss

hello coming home to mounds of laundry

hello to a computer that won’t cooperate and a car in the shop

hello to catching up on email and phone messages

hello sweet memories and family time we’ll cherish

hello to our own beds and being home

hello monday! we’re tired but we’re ready!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By July 25, 2011 16 Comments

hello weekend at the beach

hello silliness and funny faces

hello being together, the four of us

hello sunset and golden sky

hello tide coming in

hello waiting until the last second to run from a wave

hello flip flops and toms

hello sand and seagulls

hello hoodies and sunglasses

hello lots and lots of kisses and snuggles

hello being busy having fun

hello holding hands and browsing the shops

hello new week with fun things planned!

hello to our 13th wedding anniversary and a little getaway planned

hello monday–it’s going to be a great week!

what are you saying hello today?


hello monday

hello monday By July 18, 2011 16 Comments

hello happy flowers

hello busy week getting ready for a family vacation

hello laundry and house cleaning and packing

hello coffee {something i can still enjoy on the south beach diet}

hello lots and lots of fresh veggies and lean meats and cheeses

hello sugar cravings that haven’t gone away–but i haven’t caved!

hello mr. starfish, sorry to bother you but we wanted a better look

hello swim suits and sunscreen and flip flops

hello beach and lake and cousins we can’t wait to hang out with!

hello mild summer on the central coast {it hasn’t hardly been over 75*}

hello palm trees and foggy mornings

hello monday, it’s going to be a fabulous week! are you ready?!


hello monday

adventures, hello monday By July 11, 2011 13 Comments

hello to being with friends all weekend

hello 12 kids playing all day long and having a blast

hello warm sun and ocean water

hello cute 1950’s trailer {on loan from friends}

hello cozy beds and vintage quilts

hello snuggling with my boys in one big bed

hello chasing david all weekend long

hello exploring and touching everything and seeing the world in a new way

hello little boys with big ideas

hello eating delicious food {why does camp food taste so amazing?!}

hello starting the day with french toast and ending with roasted marshmallows

hello fresh berries and crispy bacon

hello adults around the campfire while the kids sleep in their sleeping bags

hello laughing and laughing and laughing some more

hello making memories that we’ll remember forever!

we just returned from our first camping trip and we had so much fun! i’m busy with laundry and unpacking and editing lots of fun photos. it’s time to jump into a new week. what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By June 27, 2011 123 Comments

hello lazy mornings

hello playing at the beach

hello mom {me} who’s trying to work and play–it gets a little crazy!

hello friends passing through town

hello washing sheets to prepare for our next set of summer guests

hello baylee whose is babysitting this summer and is SUCH a blessing

hello treasures found on the shore

hello thrifty’s ice cream on a summer day

hello kids who have endless energy during the day and sleep hard at night

hello running into  blog world friends in unexpected places {hi sonja!}

hello shoes filled with sand and salty hair

hello matthias starts zoo camp this week

hello fresh fruit stands with the sweetest strawberries

hello BBQ hot dogs and homemade cobbler

hello monday! it’s a new week of summer and we are loving it!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

adventures, hello monday By June 20, 2011 10 Comments

hello summer!

hello seagulls and cloudy skies

hello excited to play and enjoy the warm days

hello cupcakes {i had a lemondrop cupcake–yum}

hello playing with cousins all day on friday

hello hopping on my computer late at night to keep up!

hello flips flops and skirts

hello sand and running from waves

hello picnic lunch and a flexible schedule

hello sparkly pool and lounge chairs

hello swimming with friends while the sun sets

hello monday! summer has begun and we are thrilled.

what are you saying hello to on this summer day?


hello monday

hello monday By June 13, 2011 29 Comments

hello pretty pink flowers and brick pathway

hello bicycle inspiring me to go for a ride

hello long summer days

hello old friends we love to spend time with

hello jumping and showing off some pretty sweet moves

hello being silly just because it’s fun

hello last week of school

hello to later bedtimes and slower mornings

hello haircut tomorrow, yay!! {i think i might go shorter for summer}

hello watercolored spoon that my sister painted {isn’t she talented?!}

hello sunshine and blue sky {finally!}

hello monday! we are so excited for this week.

what are you saying hello to today?



hello monday

hello monday By June 6, 2011 20 Comments

hello 9 days of school left {not that we’re counting}

hello rain. we’re ready for sunshine!

hello sweet pansy. pansies are happy flowers

hello seattle! we had a great weekend

hello meeting new {and awesome} bloggers

hello time away with my sweetie {i have more pics to share!}

hello busy week and time with friends

hello graduation parties

hello grocery shopping and tidying up the house

hello pinwheels and play time {more on that soon!}

hello new summer line to share

hello monday! it’s going to be a sweet week.

what are you saying hello to today?