hello monday {fresh picked oranges}

hello monday By May 7, 2012 32 Comments

Hello monday! the weather is supposed to be beautiful this week–and it’s making me long for summer! We have a thriving orange tree in our backyard {despite our lack of attention to it} and we are enjoying going back there to pick fruit every few days. Here are some hellos for a brand new week.

Hello healthy and happy David. You weren’t yourself last week–so glad you feel good again!

Hello photo shoot. We have some fun things to share with you in the next couple weeks.

Hello folding laundry. And maybe hello putting it away as well?

Hello date night this week. We are double dating with some friends–can’t wait!

Hello wishing Steve and I could sneak away for an overnighter. Hmmm…must plan that.

Hello Avengers. We saw the movie over the weekend and loved it! Now we are re-watching all the individual superhero movies {Ironman, Captain America, Thor–if you have boys, you know what I’m talking about!}

Hello needing new ideas to keep David busy–that kid has too much energy {seriously, give me ideas!!}

Hello planning summer activities for Matthias. Zoo camp–yes!

Hello late-start Monday. I love that the boys don’t start school until 9:25 on Mondays.

Hello busy busy workshop!

Hello last day to order for mother’s day! Hop over to the shop and get your order in!

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a busy, sunny, fabulous week! What are you saying hello to? Link up your own ‘hello monday’ post in the comments section or leave a comment with some hellos for us!


hello monday {sunset in morro bay}

family, hello monday By April 23, 2012 40 Comments

It’s Monday and time to say hello to a brand new week. I’m sharing pictures from the weekend and some family time in Morro Bay at sunset.  A few magical moments when the weather was warm, the sun was glowing and we were all content.Hello surfers. Were there any good waves?

Hello weighing the risks. I’m happy to hang out on the sand.

Hello happy David. We are trying a new stool softner. We’ve replaced Miralax with Lactulose {a new perscription} and he is so much more comfortable. Less cramping, less pain and more regular. For us, this is a huge life change and an improvement for David. It’s a cause for celebration!

Hello new glasses. Matthias also has a new perscription and he got some new specs. So handsome!

Hello cranes. One of my favorite birds.

Hello rock climbing. David was loving it!

Hello timer and setting my camera on a nearby rock to capture a moment. I love not knowing exactly what we’ll get.

Hello moment, captured and magical and reminding me that this moment is what I have. I want to live here and be present.

Hello family. I’m so thankful you’re mine!

Hello ‘King of the World!’ {his words}

Hello love. It’s a good thing.

Hello laundry. I’ve got some catching up to do.

Hello new recipe to try this week.

Hello haircut for Matthias {much needed!}

Hello photo shoot this week–so excited!

Hello dreaming of summer–this warm weather is making me wish for beach days and slow mornings.

Hello messy house–I need some motivation to change that!

Hello new week, it’s gonna be a good one, right?! What are you saying hello to this week? Link up or leave a comment with some hellos!


hello monday {santa barbara zoo}

adventures, family, hello monday By April 16, 2012 44 Comments

It’s Monday and it’s our first day back to school after spring break. I’m sharing pictures from our trip to the Santa Barbara zoo a couple days ago, and of course some hellos for this week!Hello cockatoo. So nice to meet you.

Hello sunny day after three days of rain. I love the fresh feeling when the sun finally comes out!

Hello David who owned the zoo! He loved all the walking.

Hello big kid! Matthias transitioned from little kid to big kid in the last few months. Crazy!

Hello succulents all over the zoo. I really want to plant some on our front porch.

Hello awesome daddy. This guy is so good to our boys {and me too.}

Hello pink! Flamingos are such strange birds.

Hello enjoying lots of family time and wishing it didn’t have to end. School? Do the boys really need an education? Well, I guess they do.

Hello giraffes. I think they are my favorite.

Hello close encounter with a gorilla. This was one of our coolest experiences at the zoo.

Hello trying to shoot only on manual with my camera. It’s good to be stretched!

Hello back to school and feeling sleepy this morning.

Hello field trip for Matthias to see Beauty and the Beast {fun!}

Hello getting back into our routine and loving that feeling.

Hello mexican meatloaf and a quinoa dish for dinners this week.

Hello more pictures to edit and share from our spring break adventures.

Hello french press coffee–I’m off to make a pot.

Hello Monday, it’s going to be a great week! What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own hello monday post or leave some hellos in the comments section!


hello monday {farmer’s market}

hello monday By April 9, 2012 38 Comments

There is a farmer’s market every Thursday in San Luis Obispo. Last week my aunt and cousin visited and we walked around and ate downtown–so fun! Here are some hellos for this week…Hello lilies, only $3. Hello Spring.

Hello strawberries. Summer must not be too far away!

Hello auntie and cousin–I loved every minute with you!

Hello downtown. So much to see.

Hello busy David. This kid has been super busy. And sleep? Not his top priority.

Hello slide. Climb up and glide down. Matthias had a blast.

Hello music, this is what makes David smile.

Hello long days and warm temps. Feels so good.

Hello fresh veggies. I’ve been eating whatever I want, it’s time to get back to healthier meals and snacks.

Hello sweetheart. We make a great team. Which makes it all a lot easier.

Hello family visiting this week–can’t wait.

Hello second week of Spring Break–the boys are getting used to slow mornings and cartoons.

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a busy, crazy fun-filled week!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own post in the comments section or leave a comment with some hellos!


hello monday {around downtown}

hello monday By April 2, 2012 42 Comments

The boys {Steve, David and Matthias} and I headed downtown after church for some lunch, frites {belgium fries} with dipping sauce and a little walk. Here are some bits and pieces of our afternoon. And of course, some hellos for your Monday! Hello chilly, but sunny days. It looks warm outside, but the wind is cold!

Hello sweet boy. You completely have my heart.

Hello visit to the eye doctor {we can’t find Matthias’ glasses anywhere!}

Hello little converse.

Hello busy kiddo who’s wearing his shoes {and me} out! He is constantly on the go.

Hello frites. You are quite delicous!

Hello strawberry soda. Matthias was thrilled!

Hello Steve got his own special beverage. He was also thrilled.

Hello sharing a little bit of my diet soda with David.

Hello to ‘The Mason Jar’.  Are you a band? Are you a shop? Nice name, I like it!

Hello little doggie. You’re not mine, but I’m pretty sure I could fall in love with you.

Hello gross. Bubble gum alley–don’t touch the walls!

Hello Hepkat. I’m getting my hair trimmed and colored on Tuesday!

Hello Hands Gallery, where you can find truly lovely things! One of my very favorite shops downtown. And it was one of my favorite shops, even before they carried our jewelry!

Hello to our first day of Spring Break.

Hello emails to catch up on {I caught a nasty cold last week!}

Hello to a new italian quinoa recipe I’m going to try this week

Hello coloring Easter eggs

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a crazy, fabulous week!

What are you saying hello to at the start of this brand new week? Link up your own hello post in the comments section or leave a comment with a few hellos for us!


we’re doing a giveaway today {necklaces + topper + bracelet}

hello monday By March 26, 2012 938 Comments

Hello new week! We’re doing a giveaway today–so read on and make sure to leave a comment {or two or three!}Hello ‘Through My Lens Necklace‘ $38

Hello Mr & Mrs cake topper $48

Hello adorable Daisy Chain Bracelet

Hello very popular Tiny Twig Necklace $48

Here are some hello’s for this week…

Hello cardiologist. David has a check-up this week.

Hello Southern California. We get to visit family when David has appointments–which makes the travel so much more fun!

Hello last week before Spring Break {then the boys have two weeks off!}

Hello meetings and planning–lots of business to attend to this week.

Hello Easter basket inspiration–did you see this great list of ideas?

Hello Monday! What are you saying hello to this week?

* * *

We are giving away a $50 gift card to THREE of you!! Here’s how you can enter–

1. Leave a comment with your hello’s or link up your own hello post in the comments section

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hello monday {ruby rose edition}

hello monday By March 12, 2012 28 Comments

All these pretty pictures are from one of my very favorite vintage shops in San Luis Obispo, Ruby Rose. Hope you get inspired too!Hello pretty bed with lots of colorful pillows!

Hello flu bug that hit me hard this weekend. I spent yesterday in bed.

Hello sweet husband who held down the fort while I was sick.

Hello weekly menu to be planned and groceries still to be bought.

Hello cardiology appointment for David that had to be rescheduled {since I was sick we couldn’t drive down to LA}

Hello laundry to be folded {but at least it’s clean!}

Hello vintage painting. I have an obsession with vintage florals.

Hello announcement coming this week! We have something new to share!

Hello books! I’m currently reading You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. So encouraging! What are you reading?

Hello daylight savings. I love having it lighter later–summer is coming!

Hello Lorax. We went and saw the movie Friday night and loved it!

Hello Monday, we aren’t ready for you yet! I need another Sunday–please!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own ‘Hello Monday’ post in the comments section or just leave a comment with a few hellos!


hello monday {around the house}

hello monday By March 5, 2012 27 Comments

Hello friends-I’ve taken a few pics around our house to share with you on this brand new Monday morning!

Hello silly monkey who plays this song {and makes David laugh}

Hello super sniffly David, home from school today. Seems like this cold is making the rounds.

Hello happy pillow {two of my sisters have this same pillow–how funny is that?}

Hello trying to purge papers and artwork and notes.

Hello four–my favorite number {and, of course, it represents our little family}

Hello clean home–it was a productive weekend!

Hello flowers from a friend. i love fresh flowers!

Hello vintage xylophone–turned wall art. so fun.

Hello family rules {barn owl primitives}

Hello feeling spoiled after a long nap on Saturday. Such a treat!

Hello warm weather–it was 80* this weekend–what?!

Hello vintage painting obsession. this little floral piece is one of my faves {a gift from my sis}

Hello menu that is planned and groceries that have been bought. i always want to procrastinate and not do it on Sunday–but if we start off the week with a simple menu plan and groceries, everything goes much more smoothly!

this week it’s hello turkey burgers, BLT wraps and homemade enchilaadas.

Hello super special offer happening over here today.

Hello Monday!! it’s gonna be a great week–i just know it!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own Hello Monday post in the comments section, or just leave a comment with a few hellos!


hello monday {blissdom edition}

hello monday By February 27, 2012 34 Comments

Phew, Monday morning after a very full five days at Blissdom. I’m definitely gonna need more coffee this morning! Here are some highlights from the weekend.Hello breakfast in the Magnolia lobby by the fireplace. So good to be with friends!

Hello pretty posies from Lindsey at  the Pleated Poppy.

Hello wooden teethers and rattles from Amy of Little Alouette

Hello felt lovelies {that make any outfit brighter} from Jessica at Allora Handmade.

Hello happy colors from Maggie of Gussy Sews.

Hello sunshine from my shop.

Hello Opryland. I’m pretty sure I did enough walking to work off all those pastries and gelato. Hopefully?

Hello friends. These are my girls. Love all three of them so much.

Hello laughing and trying to scream over the incredibly loud music. Complaining about the volume? Yes, I’m old.

Hello disco ball.

Hello Lucrecer of Art Slam and Maya of Think Maya {and that Jessica from Allora next to me}

Hello paper lanterns. One evening there was a Lorax party and the decor was amazing!

Hello RASCAL FLATTS! I love that band!! so fun to see them play live.

Hello Abbie from Secondhand or Bare Bottom {adorable} and Mandy of Biblical Homemaking {love}.

Hello little necklace strung around so many necks. Such an honor to create this with the Blissdom gals!

Hello mirror mirror. That’s Jenny on the Spot and Casey from Moosh in Indy.

Wow! That was a lot to take in right? And now I’m home and up after a good night’s sleep.

Hello Monday morning. Hello cinnamon rolls and eggs. Hello rainy day. Hello grocery shopping {if we want to eat, I’m going to have to get groceries!} Hello family–I’ve missed you terribly!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave a comment or link up your own Hello Monday post in the comments section.


hello monday {link-up}

hello monday By February 20, 2012 24 Comments

hello day off

hello no school

hello lazy morning at nana’s house

hello blissdom {I leave Wednesday}

hello laundry

hello packing

hello grocery shopping

hello meal prep for my boys while I’m away

hello not ready to be away from them again

hello Lindsey, Jessica and Maggie–my blissdom roomies!! {The only one missing? Mique!!}

hello ready for some girl time

hello fun things to share this week

hello winner to announce from our instagram challenge!

hello big week with lots to do

hello monday! ready, set, go!

leave a comment and tell us what your week holds–or link up your own ‘hello monday’ post in the comments section.