handmade cards

DIY By December 15, 2010 21 Comments

this is such a fun little project that i found in sunset magazine.

it’s quick and if you probably have a lot of the materials needed on hand!

i punched one half hole at the top of the paper ( to create a groove) and six half holes at the bottom. then i used the embroidery thread to weave the tree from top to bottom.

i taped the beginning of the thread and then the end-it’s on the backside so no one will ever see it! then i slipped the tree into a black photo card and finished with a hand-stamped ‘merry’ tag.

this would be a great project to do with kids. older kids can probably do the project independently. smaller kids can decorate the tree with stickers after it’s made.


do you hand-make your holiday cards or gift tags?


how to wear a scarf and share your personality {outfit ideas by Lisa leonard}

DIY By December 14, 2010 35 Comments

my friend mary showed my friend erika how to tie this awesome pretzel know. and now, i’m showing you!

1. double the scarf and place around your neck

2. place one end through the loop

3. here’s where it gets sneaky! TWIST the loop heeeey!

4. pull the other end through the twisted loop

5. make the pretzel snug

6. add an extra knot at the end to finish it up

7. presto! nice and cozy!!

fun, right?


my workshop {and a project!}

decorating, DIY By December 6, 2010 22 Comments

i thought you might like a little peek into my workspace.

we moved into a new building a few months ago-and it’s still a bit of a mess. so i cropped these pics carefully, ha!

above that’s my funky, olive green leather chair. $30 at a fave thrift store yay!

i spend a lot of my working time online.

cute wicker desk chair from ikea. sweet heart leaf from a friend.

i’ve got a collection of vintage paintings covering one wall.

love love how they look all together.

and over the weekend i painted a huge drawing board with chalkboard paint.

you can find there HERE or just search online. they’re about $10-15.

and i love that it has huge clips. i just nailed this one right on the wall.

sketch, make lists, clip up inspiring magazine pages.

and wouldn’t it be perfect for a kid’s room? you could clip a big sheet of paper for watercoloring or draw with chalk.

so fun!


handmade project: branches in urns

decorating, DIY By December 4, 2010 18 Comments

i’m sure there are many ways, but here’s how we did it…

1. matty and i gathered armloads of branches from the hills near our home. {so fun!}

2. i placed some branches in the urns and tied them with heavy twine.

3. add more branches to fill in gaps

4. stuff paper grocery bags around the sides to stabilize.

5. cover top with rocks (or moss would be so pretty)

6. string lights and ornaments

7. wait for the sun to go down so you can really enjoy the glow!


what to do with candles when you feel a handmade inspiration?

DIY By November 30, 2010 16 Comments

here’s a {fairly} quick and very low cost project

with such sweet results! decoupaged candles. love!

i bought some tall glass religious candles from target about $1.50 each

and used modge podge to decoupage white tissue paper around the outside.

i intentionally let it wrinkle and crinkle–it gives it a more organic look.

after i let them dry completely {24 hours}

i spruced them up with rhinestones from a local craft store

and created tissue paper flowers by cutting out small circles, crumpling them and layering them together.

a great project for kiddos, too!

wouldn’t it be lovely to have five of these down a long table

with white trees and silver ornaments?


Fun doormat handmade – diy project by Lisa Leonard

DIY By November 27, 2010 72 Comments

so i made some more of my own stencils again.

i think i might be addicted!

i used american typewriter (bold).

then i cut away the black letters and taped up the remaining paper.

homemade stencils!

i picked up a couple mats at ikea ($5 each). love!

take your time and brush inwards to get a clean line.

black paint and an orange plate, you almost thought this was a halloween project. ha!

I guess i used a glossy paint-but it turned out great!

we love our new doormat-perfect for christmas!


handmade project: vintage ornament wreath

decorating, DIY By November 25, 2010 27 Comments

1. i hit the vintage ornament jackpot at my favorite thrift store.

so fun!!

2. so i pulled out my trusty glue gun and

3. i picked up a foam wreath at our local craft shop. $5.

4. first i glued all the red ones around the base

and then worked in the blues, then the greens

5. matty helped me.

i kept the small ornaments until the end filled in all the little gaps.

6. it took about 50-60 ornaments. more than i expected!

and i’ve already got mine hanging in the living room.

let the christmas decorating BEGIN!

have you started decorating??


a fun {easy} project!

decorating, DIY By November 9, 2010 47 Comments


i found this piece of wood at a thrift store last week.

i think it was the side of a box.

but i loved it’s texture, and i knew i could create something fun with it.



i decided to make my own stencils and paint the word ‘love’ on it.

i love the idea of being able to use any font i choose!



there are so many words, i that hold meaning for me

but ‘love’ seems to be one i go back to all the time.



i carefully cut away the black letters

and taped up the remaining paper to create a stencil.

so, dang simple!! just took a little time.



i painted toward the center of the letter

so that the paint wouldn’t bleed under the stencil.

i used aqua paint. love.



i removed the paper stencils right away.

yay! it worked!!



then i let the paint dry completely.

probably for an hour or two.




i sanded the letters just a bit to give it a worn finish.

i love it.

i think i might be cooking up some other project ideas using homemade stencils!!

* * *

any fun projects you’re working on??


chalkboard door

decorating, DIY By March 26, 2010 No Comments


our interior garage door was olive green

and has a cat door

(and we don’t have a cat)

so it wasn’t too big of a risk to paint it with chalkboard paint.

now we have the perfect canvas for…





i got inspired by joy’s post here.

isn’t she amazing?




look at once wed did with a chalkboard.

and here are some other creative chalkboard ideas.

and here’s an article on using chalkboard paint for a casual every day look.



so fun, right?

more chalkboard love coming soon!


oh, yum.

DIY, food & goodies By March 10, 2010 56 Comments



matthias, david and i made cupcakes yesterday.

matthias likes to pour all the ingredients into the bowl.

david likes to help me hold the electric mixer.

i like to eat the finished product (a little too much).




for the toppers, we melted starbursts in the microwave.

it only takes about 10 seconds to get them nice and soft.

i used ‘pam’ on the plate to keep them from sticking.

then we use tiny cookie cutters (mine are from sur la table) to cut out shapes.




let the shapes sit for a few minutes and they firm up again.

try to restrain yourself from munching on the shapes

but feel free to munch on the leftover starbursts after the shapes are cut out.




i have a feeling there could be some really creative things you could make with cut outs.

but the most fun part?

eating the cupcakes of course!!

* * *

is your mouth watering?  mine is!