holiday home tour

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We’ve got the house all decorated and we’re soaking up the Christmas season. I love sitting near the tree and enjoying the twinkle lights. I’ve got a cinnamon candle burning and Christmas music playing. Wanna step inside for a tour?

The front porch is super happy, especially after the sun goes down. I love the red poinsettias and twinkle lights.

A couple years ago I made the DIY doormat. You can see the directions here. So fun!

I set up our new nativity from the shop in our entryway. I want it to be the first thing we see–to remind us of why we celebrate Christmas. And it’s high enough so David can’t reach it.

Love these hand-painted signs by Barn Owl Primitives. And have you seen their new website? Friends, it’s so beautiful! And watch this video about Kristi’s story. So cool.

Adorable, right?

The handmade nativity is very dear to my heart and I have been so humbled to see it resonate with you! These are still available and you can have it in time for Christmas!

This painting is a thrifted find and the lamp was super ugly–but I stripped the shade and spray painted the base to make it new.

A happy silver bells wreath hangs near the windows and reflects light.

 Our white tree feels very vintage and the ornaments pop against the white background. It’s from Target online.

Every year, grandma gives the boys a new ornament. We love pulling them out every year and reminiscing about past years.

And every year we add a new ornament from our shop. Again, it’s not too late to order for Christmas!

This ornament was a souvenir from England. So many sweet memories and so much meaning.

I kept the mantle almost the same, I just added a few trees and a big ‘merry christmas’ sign from the shop last year.

This elf was a gift from my mom when I was in college. I still love him 20 years later!

These letter cards {from the shop last year} were layered with printed paper and brads and they make a big impact.

We keep our ampersand sign up all year, but the red feels extra Christmas-y and fun during the holidays. You can find it here, from Junk Art Gypsyz on Etsy.

It’s tradition we hang our stockings on the staircase. We did that when I was growing up.

Is your house decorated? What’s your favorite decor for the Christmas season.


hello california snowmen

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It’s been warm here in California BUT lately we’ve had some rain and things have cooled off a bit. We need the rain so badly and we’re feeling thankful and cozy. Since it doesn’t snow where we are, we have to get creative with making snowmen. This year, the cousins painted snowman ornaments. I found these at Target and they were a HIT!

It’s a brand new week. How about some hellos?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello cousins gathered around the table. This is the stuff memories are made of!

Hello finding a craft project that works with three year olds and twelve year olds. Victory!

Hello taking this project very seriously.

Hello letting the paint dry and then hanging them from the tree.

Hello planning for other Christmas crafts. It’s our tradition to make gingerbread houses and cut snowflakes.

Hello wanting to eat healthy this month BUT being way too tempted by sweets at every turn. January is a new beginning, right?

Hello busy busy workshop! We are kinda crazy over here!

Hello quiet evenings at home. We’re working through all our favorite Christmas movies…Elf, Rise of the Guardians, Polar Express, and more!

Hello wanting more coffee because the mornings are gray and chilly.

Hello planning gifts for teachers, aides and babysitters. They are such a blessing in our lives!

Hello haircuts. Didn’t we just get haircuts? It’s already time again?!

Hello to YOU! What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


ornaments are here!

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Well it’s been a whirlwind week! The response to nativity completely knocked my socks off. I’ve worked on this project for so long and I’ve had moments of excitement and moments of insecurity–so to see it in the real world and hear how much you love it is amazing. And humbling. And awesome. I’m so thankful.

Today I’ve got new ornaments to share. I know Christmas is still 9 weeks away, but many of you are already planning.

These hand-crafted ornaments are a tradition for many of you, year after year. And they make heartfelt gifts for teachers, babysitters and dear friends. I love how personal they are and that they carry memories with them. Precious.

Above is the brand new Love and Laurel ornament. It represent heartfelt affection and honor.

The detail on our hand-crafted snowflake is truly beautiful. Personalize the banner with names or a sweet phrase.

How sweet is the new nativity ornament? Love all that this represents.

Last year the alphabet ornaments ‘My Holly’ was far and away our best seller!

The Molded Heart ornament is a sweet classic. I adore this one!

The snow globe is full of whimsy and magic!

And how fun is the brand new family tree ornament? I love it!

You can see all the new ornaments here. Which one is your favorite?


hello to good-byes

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Our time with the English cousins is winding down. Tomorrow we drive them to San Francisco and watch them board a plane back to England. We’re so sad to see them go! I’m tearing up just writing this. I don’t like good-byes. At all.

Last week we had a couple magical days at Disneyland. It was sunny our first day–with lots of sunscreen and bottled water, and rainy our second day. So we purchased ponchos and braved the wet day. We had a blast!

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello packing up the car and seeing off our English cousins. I’m so sad!

Hello editing pics from our time together. Such sweet memories.

Hello quiet house and taking down Christmas decor. My heart is breaking.

Hello laundry and email and homework to catch up on.

Hello visiting family in Southern California. Yay! Something to look forward to!

Hello to saying goodbye to 2013.

Hello getting ready for a new year. It’s going to be a good one!

Hello to a brand new week. What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there!


diy hostess gift

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Hi friends! I have another super fun and cute DIY today! Do you remember my post about hand stamped dishtowels? Well here is another fun and functional holiday version!

There are so so many fun holiday gatherings and dinner parties around this time of year and I love the idea of bringing a thoughtful hostess gift. Bring a bottle of wine  wrapped in these adorable hand printed tea towels to your next gathering! Such a simple, fun, and thoughtful gift!

We used holiday stencils and painted organic polka dots with gold paint. So fun!

After the towels dried, we just wrapped them around the bottles with some ribbon and topped it off with a custom ‘my holly’ ornament.

What is your favorite thing to bring to a holiday party?


diy golden feather garland

christmas, decorating, DIY By December 12, 2013 5 Comments

I have another super fun, super easy DIY for you today! Paint dipped feathers are such a fun accessory for a holiday table setting or the perfect addition to your holiday wrapping. We created a fun garland with them that can be used all year around!

Supplies needed:

– feathers

– gold paint

– gold glitter

– gold string or wire

– sparkly garland

With a foam brush pain the top half of the feathers (pretty simple right?!).

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle them with glitter to your heart’s content. Once they are dry, you can flip them over and do the same on the backs, or just leave them as is! We tied them on to a garland and hung it on a cute outdoor table. How would you use dipped feathers in your holiday decorating?


diy box wood wreath

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Hello friends! I’ve got another project today. This DIY wreath is too easy and too cute!

Supplies needed:

– wooden embroidery hoop

– faux boxwood garland (purchased at Michael’s)

– glitter branches

– wire

– strips of fabric or ribbon

– scissors

Use the wire to tie one end of the garland onto the hoop, then just start wrapping. You want to keep it a bit on the loose side so you can adjust later. Once you wrap the garland all the way around, secure the other end with wire as well.

Tuck the golden branches into the weaved garland. If you wrapped it tight enough they will just say, otherwise you can use the wire to make sure it is extra secure. Tie a strip of fabric around the top of the hoop and you are done!

How cute does it look over a mirror or in a wall collage?




You’re going to love this DIY!{woodland chalkboards by Lisa Leonard}

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You’re going to love this DIY!

It’s a really fun holiday project that you can keep up all year!

Supplies needed:

– wood tree rounds

– chalkboard paint (liquid, not spay paint)

– paint brushes

– paper mache deer (available at most craft stores)

– exacto knife / scissors

– glue gun

– ribbon or fabric strips / tacks or small nails

Paint an even layer of chalkboard paint on the wood rounds. We didn’t paint to the edge and left an organic line for a whimsical handmade feel.

While the paint is drying, it’s time to make the ‘taxidermy’ deer! These are available at most craft stores during the holidays. It would be fun to make your own and use different animals too! We just removed the head (sounds so awful!) with an exacto knife and cleaned up the edge with scissors. It is important that the entire perimeter is flush with the chalkboard.

Once the paint is dried, use a hot glue gun to attach the deer.

Cut a strip of fabric to create a loop at the top to hang.

We are almost done! Break out your best typography skills (or find a talented friend) and decorate your chalkboards to fit the season!

They look great on their own or in a grouping of other fun decor!

Do you like the faux taxidermy look? I love it. And even better, no animals were harmed in the making of this craft!


Myths About Decorating {holiday house tour}

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It’s December and I have the house all decorated for Christmas. Would you like a peek? And how about some hellos for a brand new month?

Hello home. Isn’t it a lovely place to be?

Hello cozy and warm. Hello family.

Hello adorable J-O-Y sign from Kelly’s shop. It’s huge–about 4 feet tall. So fun–you must check out her shop.

Hello buffet that I found on craigslist and painted black–my only craigslist find so far!

Hello stacked books. Hello sweet saplings.

Hello hot cocoa and curling up with a good read! One of my favorite ways to relax.

Hello white Christmas tree! So fun and happy!

Hello twinkly lights and holiday cheer.

Hello cozy corner of the house.

Hello pulling out all our favorite ornaments and remembering holidays past.

Hello gorgeous holiday sign from Barn Owl Primitives. I have one for each season.

Hello let it snow banner from our shop. Did you see our big cyber monday sale?

Hello cutting snowflakes with Matthias. Have you cut any yet?

Hello nativity, Hello reflecting on the meaning of Christmas.

Hello unwrapping each piece of the nativity and smiling. This set was passed down from my mom.

Hello colder temps on the way this week.

Hello cozy fire and hello elf that David loves to carry all over the house.

Hello Merry Christmas sign {also from the shop and also on sale!}

Hello cotton balls hung on thread–that’s as close to snow as we’ll get here in California.

Hello c-r-a-z-y busy in the workshop. We are working hard filling orders!

Hello feeling thankful that YOU support my creativity.

Hello brand new month with big things ahead.

Hello HUGE SALE today for cyber monday. Enter code supercyber for 25% off!!!!

Hello Monday! It’s a brand new week. Are you ready?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there!