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we are on vacation this week.

with lots of sleeping in, snuggles, sunshine and more than our share of syrup.

but to tell you the truth, i’ve been feeling anxious.

so i’m trying to let go of unpacking the house

and worrying about david’s upcoming heart surgery.

and i’m trying to be present and enjoy each moment.

and let go of my plan and being productive.


because one of the most important things to me is soaking up

time with my family and just being together.

* * *

how do you let go?

how do you vacation {and really relax}?


hello {weekend recap}

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we had a wonderful weekend.

which started with a visit from my sis and her two sweet girls

and also steve returning home from a 2 week trip.

he’s working on a doctorate and spends a couple weeks in st. louis for his program.

we are sooo glad to have him home!




i made blueberry jam.

which is delicious but didn’t set as well as i hoped.

at least it tastes good!




we met sarah, chad and girls at the santa barbara zoo

for a project we are working on together.

a project that feels a lot more like playing.

{my kind of project!!}




these boys were so happy to have daddy back.

and eat ice cream, see meerkats and swim.




playing with cousins {and friends who are like cousins} makes for a perfect weekend.


but mostly we’re just in denial because we move into our new house in less than a week.

we have a lot of packing to do

and cleaning and prepping and ahhhh!

it’s so exciting (and a little overwhelming!)

and it’s the last week of school {yippppeee!}

* * *

tell us about your weekend!!


yummy + inspiring.

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i promised lots and lots more pics from the weekend.

love all these sweet brooches from whimsy on 7th in carpinteria.




farmer’s market is such a treat for the eyes

and mouth!

i had the most delicious blackberries EVER!




coffee tops my list for yummy and inspiring.




whimsy on 7th is filled with yummy inspirations.

chrissie bought that grocery sign in the first pic.

a huge seahorse like this would be perfect in my imaginary beach house.




unmade beds, with white sheets, sunlight streaming in and a mid-day nap.

so yummy, so inspiring.




i love this chandelier with coral (or something like that).

i love all white.

i love neutrals.

and i love color.

i’m indecisive, i guess.




beautiful berries.

this picture makes my mouth water.

this picture represents summertime.




what’s inspiring you today?

please share!


all about meerkats

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we have a small zoo about a half hour north of us.

it takes about 15 minutes to see all the animals.

and it’s so small i can let the boys run around by themselves.

because there aren’t too many places to go!




for matthias it’s all about the meerkats.

every day he asks, ‘can we go check on the meerkats? i want to make sure they’re okay’.

so last weekend we checked.

and just so you know, they’re doing great!




they have so much personality.

and they seem so cuddly.

and we like cuddling.



so matthias and david would like to know…

what’s your favorite animal in the whole world?


spring break at disneyland

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we headed south last week to

1. see family (so fun)

2. get a sedated echocardiogram for david (at ucla)

{which was cancelled at the last minute because he had a cold}

3. get some disney time.




the park was packed because everyone was on spring break

and the weather was about 80* the first day.

we were still able to get on ride quickly

and we just made sure we hydrated.




they keep the grounds so lovely.

and the trees were all blooming. loved it.




and there was no shortage of snacks.





disneyland works well for our family.

there are rides all four of us can do

and when matthias and steve go on the roller coasters

david and i are happy to find a shady spot and relax.

the jungle cruise is a family fave.




the cheesy jungle cruise jokes never get old.

i think they actually get funnier!




other family favorites…

pirates of the caribbean, small world, astro blasters and haunted mansion.

matthias and daddy like indiana jones, matterhorn and space mountain.




and we got a new stroller for david that is awesome.

he was dragging his long legs in his old stroller

and it was driving me nuts.

at times he refuses to walk (although he is totally able!)

and sometimes when i carry him, he pulls my hair (rascal!)

so a good stroller is a great investment in my sanity.




i wouldn’t call disneyland a vacation

but we had a blast.

* * *

what’s your favorite ride at disneyland?


is it summer yet??

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this weekend we went out for waffles and ice cream in avila beach.

the sun was so shiny

and the surfers were so surfy

and it felt just like summer.

well, except for just a little bit of a chill in the air.

but it’s making me long for summer days

and laziness.

* * *

we need to plan our family vacation for this summer.

we usually spend a week in carpinteria playing at the beach and eating out.

but i’d also really like to try camping this summer.

how does your family vacation?


Perfect day for elfin forest {a saturday morning walk}

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saturday was a perfect day.

at least weather-wise, we had little bits of grumpiness here and there.

but in the morning, we weren’t grumpy.

the sun was shining. the sky was so blue.

and the clouds were so fluffy they looked like a fake painting.




steve went for a long bike ride, so i took the boy’s to the elfin forest.

it’s been at least a year since we were there.

i didn’t bother to bring the stoller for david.

he had a blast running on the wooden boardwalk.

i was busy trying to take lots of pics/make sure he didn’t go off edge.




a little tiny bug landed on david’s shirt.

guess it was just saying ‘hi’.

i can handle tiny bugs.

i can kinda handle small-medium sized bugs.

i cannot handle cockroaches. but that’s a post for another day.




i hardly got any pics of matty since he was running ahead most the time.

we usually see lizards and birds, sometimes even a bunny.

but the only animals we saw this time, were people walking their dogs.




guess this bench above is a good make-out spot.

especially when that’s the view (pic below).

but then, when you’re making out, it doesn’t really matter what the view is like, does it?




it was such a beautiful morning,

i thought my heart might burst.

almost too much to take in.

for locals or visitors to san luis obispo,

the elfin forest is in los osos (a small town about 15 minutes from san luis)

from los osos valley road, R on south bay blvd, L on santa ysabel, R on 16th-park at the end of the street.

* * *

please tell us about your weekend.