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the pleated poppy {and red lipstick}

March 9th | blog friends, inspiration

Two things making me happy lately are The Pleated Poppy and new red lipstick. I brought home an adorable clutch from the blissdom handmade market. And last week I scored two great red lipsticks and two great lip liners. Kind of like winning the lottery, right?Check out these adorable wristlet clutches from The Pleated Poppy. Seriously sweet {and practical too!} They are the perfect size for lipstick, cell phone, and a small wallet.

And the lipstick. The first shade is a very true red. It’s called ‘In The Red’ and it’s by Revlon.

Here’s the base of the tube. I think this is a great date night lipstick. It’s kind of dry and matte–so bring along the lipstick for touch up and some gloss for moisture. Love this lipstick! [The coordinating lipliner is Wine by Revlon]

The second lipstick is called Ruby Star by Maybelline. This lipstick is very moist and definitely has a pink tint with a little sparkle. It’s easy to wear during the day.

I keep this one in my purse and touch up after a snack or lunch. [The coordinating lip liner for Ruby Star is also called Wine by Maybelline]

I feel like red lipstick brightens up my face and gives me energy. Definitely a pick me up!

Other things I’m loving at the pleated poppy? Ties for the boys for Easter, these adorable new messenger bags and bloom belts {so fun!} And I’ve got a coupon code for The Pleated Poppy! Use March15 for 15% off anything in her shop {expires March 20}

This weekend Nana is in town and we are looking forward to some amazing weather. We never made it to the Lorax movie last weekend–so maybe we’ll fit that in this weekend. What does your weekend hold?

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  1. Jackie says:

    Very pretty! Which are you wearing in the pictures?

  2. Holly says:

    Dang, those messenger bags are so cute, but the one I like is sold out. BTW, love your blog and thanks for introducing us to such beautiful things!

  3. McKt says:

    Love the red and the turquoise! One of my favorite color combinations, and it works beautifully on you. My grandfather turns 90 this weekend so we will be making the journey to his small town where red lipstick is still a bit scandalous. I think I’ll pack mine anyway, might be just what they need.

  4. You know I believe in the powers of the red lipstick. :)

    You look great!

  5. Love the RED! I am hoping this weekend holds healthy kids….we have had little sick ones around here lately!

  6. dalton says:

    You are inspiring me! I’ve always wanted to add some red lipstick to my collection, but I’ve always been a little scared….You look so great. I think I might just do it now…

  7. Joy says:

    LOVE the necklace! Where’s it from?

  8. bettyann says:

    I have been looking for a great lipstick…think I’ll try ruby star..looking forward to my lil grandaughter’s baptism on Sunday…have a great weekend

  9. maria says:

    Love those colors together! Where, where, where did you get your necklace? I’ve been scouring the earth for a lg., red, beaded necklace!!!!

  10. Happy red lipstick day C: Love everything over at Pleated Poppy plus she is such a great person that it assauges my guilt over spending a bit (hee, hee).

  11. Kelli says:

    I bought that Jason Wu shirt, too :)!

    This weekend involves my husband relaxing after minor surgery (yep, THAT kind!) and me having fun with the kids! We’re going to see our favorite kindie band, Recess Monkey, tomorrow and out for frozen yogurt Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa.

    And let’s not forget that I have samba dance practice Sunday night for our town’s parade! Totally out of the box for me.

  12. Bettina says:

    Love your hair with this necklace. You look beautiful.

  13. LOVD says:

    Your lipstick buys are inspiring me to change my ways. I need a makeup overhaul!!! Love Lindsey, too! Her stuff is uber high quality to-boot! You can just see it in those close-ups.

    Have a beautiful and relaxed weekend.

    P.S. Ever try Chubby Sticks from Clinique – it’s my fave lipstick – smudgeproof staying power!

  14. Jenny says:

    Love the Necklace, and the red lipstick!

    Polka dots and red lipstick = Must have ! 😉

    Go girls !

  15. Love the aqua with pops of red in your outfit! You’re gorgeous as always, Lisa. :)

  16. Kristin S says:

    All those Instagram teasers were worth the wait. Thanks for the red recs. I’m always on the hunt for a good red lipstick since Origins stopped making my fave about 10 years ago.

  17. Sarah-Anne says:

    you look great with the red lipstick…not everyone can pull it off but you do!

  18. Andrea says:

    I am loving red lipstick lately! I have one called red revival which is also made by Maybelline.

    Also love your new pouch!

  19. 5 cups of garbonzo beans a day! :O

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