I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about the new book, The Fringe Hours around the web. But just in case, I had to share.

I’m about halfway through, and you guys it’s so good. So so good.

Somehow I got lucky enough to be friends with Jessica in real life. She is one of the kindest, smartest, most honest and most productive women I know.

I’ve sat in groups where we ask each other, “How does Jessica get so much done and not go crazy?!”

When Jessica Turner writes a book about self care and productivity, it’s time to stop and listen.

The Fringe Hours is a beautiful book filled with insights, stories, wisdom and interactive pages.

How adorable is Jessica with her three kiddos. And yes, they really are that adorable in real life!

This book is so good. Invest in yourself. Invest in this book. {It’s only $8.99!} You won’t be sorry!

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