the evolution of bags {big enough to carry out all your stuff ,love it}



i had heard of epiphanie bags from tara and rachel and julie.

and they sounded amazing.

maile (owner) created them because she wanted a stylish option

to tote her camera around in–

{instead of just wrapping it in a towel and shoving it in her purse}.

how did she know, that’s what i used to do?? (well, before i got my new bag!)




and a couple months ago i got my first epiphanie bag.

and i looooove it.

i haven’t used another bag since the day ginger and i met.

{the bag is called ginger}

i say first, because i’ve been drooling over this one.

and i think it’s perfect for spring and summer.




big enough to carry my camera, wallet, make-up and diapers and food.

the straps are seriously the perfect length for shoulder carrying.

and it’s so durable, it still looks brand new.

and did i mention the inside is turquoise?

yep, i’m in love!

hop over and check them out for yourself!

* * *

do you carry your camera with you every day?

what’s one camera accessory you are drooling over?


  1. I love the look of these bags and am thinking about buying one soon. But I’m curious about how they last over time.. do they stand up to regular use?

    1. They are sturdy. I’ve used mine for at least a year. I suspect the bag will last longer than my attention span {I love to get new bags}

  2. Hi Lisa!!
    That was too funny! I thought I was the only one who carries her camera in a towel in her purse!! Im not alone anymore!! lol
    Thanks for the info on your bag..I will check it out!!! Blessings on your day!

    Deborah /

  3. Awesome! i am so glad i read this today because just yesterday me and grant went to the park and I had my camera slung around my neck and then stuffed in my purse and finally just sitting on the bench at one point. I need a cute bag to store it in along with my other stuff and i love the fact that it is turquoise inside! Thanks girl!

  4. Thanks for sharing this site. I came across these purses/ camera bags awhile ago and didn’t save the link. I love the way they look, hopefully I will get one soon! A favorite accessory: the Shey B collection of camera straps…the couture line is amazing! I admire your photography skills, thanks for sharing again!!!

  5. or…anyway…I love your jewelry, but I don’t own any of it, bc I can’t ever decide what I want! I’ve been looking for a camera bag like this forever and was almost considering a Jill E I think this is what I’ll get! Yay! Any chance you could make a necklace with a hand stamped camera like the little charm hanging from the epiphanie bags?? I would LOVE it!!


  6. I DO try and carry my camera with me everyday….but was stashing it in diaper bags or a purse that never should hold a camera. And then the unthinkable…my very good, very expensive Nikon lens broke because I simply was carrying it around and often stashing it on the front seat of the car. Oh my!

    I love this that you’ve shared this site…and will bookmark it. Maybe Santa can be generous come December…

  7. I do not carry my camera with me all the time, but I WOULD if I had an inspirational bag like this! I am always amazed by the photos I get with my idiot camera, but it really is time to get myself a big-girl camera (and big-girl bag). I love how I’m always so inspired when I come here!!! xoxo

  8. People laugh at me when they realize that I MUST have a bag big enough to carry a camera. I carry my oint and shoot everywhere, and anytime I’m doing something out of the ordinary my DSLR is with me, complete with the extra lens! It’s amazing some of the things I’ve been able to get pictures of because of this. Can’t say I have an essential accessory though in all honesty.

  9. Hi, no I don’t carry my camera with me everyday, but since I’ve been blogging, and reading your gorgeous blog I’ve felt really inspired to take loads more photographs. Hmmm I NEED one of those bags! Would cost too much to get one sent to NZ though. Shame.. smiles..

  10. No only on family outings & we are lucky we dont need to carry it as it fits nicely in the bottom of the pushchair…& I would love one of those handmade camera straps I keep seeing on Etsy, but I cant decided which…. x

  11. Um, I have both Ginger and Belle. I’ve got 16 cameras (and counting), so I think I could probably use at least one more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, not really. I can only carry one bag at a time…. Also, they are quite expensive! And I’d love to try out one of the emera bags, too. I actually wrote a post on my blog a while ago about the different camera bag options (even though I already had my epiphanie bags!).

  12. I carry my little PhD camera everywhere I go. I found a little Golla bag that clips handily onto my backpack. I’ve got another Golla bag for my mobil, too. Love the Epiphanie bags, grrr for making me look ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. wow, these bags are great! i do not own a DSLR yet, but hope to someday. i love that her bags are not made of leather. very cool.

  14. If I ever get a camera that has some serious body to it (I just have a small point and shoot) then I am getting a bag from her. They make me want to be a photographer.

  15. Too funny! I also carry my camera everywhere with me in my purse. Instead of a towel I use a beanie.I would love a beautiful camera bag!

  16. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love Belle ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s my epiphanie bag. Your brown (ginger) looks so stylish and pretty and sleek.

    Maile is one of THE nicest people ever and so talented!

    I want another bag, but shhhhh don’t tell Nathan!

  17. I do not carry my camera w/ me every day. I keep it in a smallish padded insulated cooler. I’m not sure I’m wanting to spend money on a NEW bag but I’ll check these out anyway.

  18. I got my epiphanie bag for my birthday (after drooling over Karen’s bag). I love it. It is roomy and secure enough for my camera and lenses.

  19. Oh man, oh man, oh man…this is one of the best things since sliced bread! I want one for each season.

    I either have my camera in my purse praying for the best or in my hand, praying Bud doesn’t want to play with it and DROP IT as he has on occassion. Deep Sigh:)


  20. I carry three bags, my purse, my felix the cat bag (full of band-aids, snacks, drinks, magazines, and all that other miscellaneous stuff that grows in there) and my camera bag. It. Is. Too. Much.
    One of these might just do the trick!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  21. would it be ridiculous of me to get one even though i don’t have a camera that needs that much space/protection? they’re SO CUTE..

  22. ooh…i love that you can fit EVERYTHING into it! i am always carrying a purse, diaper bag and camera bag! i recently got an amazing White Pentax SLR and i treasure it!
    now the bag just needs an original Lisa Leonard personalized tag to go with it! =)
    a great find!

  23. I too have been just putting my camera in my purse, and praying it doesn’t get messed up. I love my large Vera Bradley purse, and I love my camera…so, they both just go wherever I go.

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