i had heard of epiphanie bags from tara and rachel and julie.

and they sounded amazing.

maile (owner) created them because she wanted a stylish option

to tote her camera around in–

{instead of just wrapping it in a towel and shoving it in her purse}.

how did she know, that’s what i used to do?? (well, before i got my new bag!)




and a couple months ago i got my first epiphanie bag.

and i looooove it.

i haven’t used another bag since the day ginger and i met.

{the bag is called ginger}

i say first, because i’ve been drooling over this one.

and i think it’s perfect for spring and summer.




big enough to carry my camera, wallet, make-up and diapers and food.

the straps are seriously the perfect length for shoulder carrying.

and it’s so durable, it still looks brand new.

and did i mention the inside is turquoise?

yep, i’m in love!

hop over and check them out for yourself!

* * *

do you carry your camera with you every day?

what’s one camera accessory you are drooling over?