i’m in minneapolis for the creative connection.

steve was going to join me, but stayed home since david is sick.

big bummer and i cried when he couldn’t come

but i am so glad he is taking care of our boys.

and the girl time is also helping to ease the pain.

{above pics} i spent the day with gussy and lindsey eating {more} chipotle

and doing just a little bit {more} shopping at target.




minneapolis is beautiful!

i love nicolett mall. so fun.

above is a pic of us reflected in a window.

and some pigeons nibbling.




it thunderstormed today.

loved the heart-shaped leaves.




tomorrow i’ll share more pics of my booth

and some other amazing handmade products.

there are people who sew, make jewelry, collect vintage finds,

photographers, bakers, and knitters.

the creativity is overwhelming!!

* * *

what’s your go-to creative outlet?