it’s a rainy day in nashville, but inside opryland its a perfect 72 degrees.

so funny, because in the atrium you feel like you’re outside.

i’ve been resting some, but not getting enough sleep.

today i’m going to need a nap so i can stay healthy and gear up for more doctor visits when i return home.

david is doing great by the way.

feeling good and so happy.  i miss my sweet boys (all three!)

but’s great to get a few days of rest.

so many new friends to meet.  it’s amazing to be a part of blissdom.

* * *

thank you for your comments and blogging question!

i’ll work on getting resources and answers.

and i apologize that i have not chosen a winner for the illuminate giveaway!  eek!

i’m planning to do it later today.

* * *

today’s the last day for valentine’s delivery!  so get those orders in.  hugs, hugs!