our new create a handmade life necklace was created

just for ‘the creative connection event’ in minneapolis.

isn’t it sweet?




there was one at each place setting for the keynote dinner with amy butler.

that’s jessica (allora handmade) showing the cute little box and bow.

so exciting!

and jo packham and nancy soriano invited me up front and introduced me,

which was crazy cool/my worst nightmare.

i have to really pump myself up to get in front of large groups.

but what an honor!!




sweet friends, loralee, maggie (gussy) and lindsey.

maggie is wearing the new necklace in the pic above!

and we are offering them on the website for two weeks.

so head over and grab a new ‘create a handmade life’ necklace!!

(they’re only $32!)

* * *

have you created anything fun or beautiful lately?