hilton head island {incourage}

I’m in hilton head, south carolina with the writers and staff from {in}courage.

dayspring cards, {in}courage and the hilton head chamber and resort rentals have created a time for us to be together, relax, dream and vision together. it’s been incredible.

the women are incredible. i am honored to be included. {that’s bonnie above wearing the autumn’s song necklace}

highlights so far include incredible baby smiles. banana pudding and bike rides on the beach.

i have one more day and then head home to see my sweet boys. today i’m going to do more relaxing, make time for a bike ride and hopefully catch on some email!

what are you weekend plans?


  1. Lisa, I loved standing on the beach with you as the sun melted into the ocean, half-falling on my bike snapping pictures of you with wind in your hair and laughter in your eyes. You are just amazing… and your autumn’s song necklace has been singing sweet notes to me, dangling happiness on a silver chain. You are a gift. xxoo

  2. Lisa,

    I am new to your blog. I saw a canvas print from your blog about your weekend that I would like some info about. It had the words: chosen, delightful, wonderfully made, etc. I would love to have one of my own. Where did you get it?

    Thanks a bunch.

    1. hi susie! that is a stretched canvas from dayspring.com. let me see if i can locate it for you on their website. xo

  3. Looks like a fun time with amazing women. Enjoyed your photos as I always do. I really like the plaque in one of the photos. Can you tell me where to get a plaque like that one, if you know of course???

    Love your blog. And your jewelery 🙂 I wanted to order when you sent your email for your one day %25 off. But then got busy after work and forgot. Bummer. Well next time I get one of your emails I will act right away.

  4. That is So cool! You’re in my State! As a transplanted Californian, I welcome you! I hope you have a great weekend. We are watching some Gamecock football!
    Wish I could come play with “y’all” at the beach! 🙂

  5. what a gift! i’m sure you enjoyed every beautiful moment. and i must admit to being just a wee bit jealous you got to spend time with ANN! love her. and you too of course! 🙂 xox

  6. Granted, I see it’s your last night, but next time you are in HHI, you HAVE to eat at Santa Fe Cafe. We’ve gone to HHI the last 10 years, and it’s a restaurant we eat at every time – and maybe even twice in one trip 🙂 We are going there next month for a long weekend, and we can’t wait!! Looks like you have had a great time!!

  7. I passed you riding your bike! My daughter and I were collecting horseshoe crab shells and you stopped to fix your flip flop right near us. I said to Ava “She looked like Lisa Leonard!” and she said “Who is that Mommy?” I explained about my favorite necklace and she perked up with “Cool! A celebrity!” Hope you had the relaxing time we did. My only regret was not to meet you in person!

    1. OK that is insane!!!! I wish you would have said hi. That is so crazy!!! Big hugs to you and your daughter. xoxo

  8. Seeing these pics always makes me think, “I want to be one of Lisa’s friends!!!”

    This weekend I am showering my first grader with extra-special attention, as these past 3 days have been her first days away from me at school for the entire day, and she’s missing me and her toys :). We are going to all have pancakes tomorrow and just have a relaxing weekend, still working on checking off all of our summer to-do list and swimming in the kiddie-pool.

  9. I am a single parent of two kids and this weekend I get to spend some quality time alone with my daughter. I’m really looking forward to it.

    So glad for your trip – I love (in)courage.

  10. Hey Lisa,
    Ethan is just leaving SC. He’s been at Fort Jackson for 6 weeks. We went out to SC to visit him. Besides the humid weather I though it was beautiful. Did you go to Charleston or Myrtle Beach? Love to your family. Miss you guys!

  11. Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing memories from Hilton Head! Looks like you girls are having a great time! I am so excited about (in)Real Life! 🙂 We will be hosting a “beach house” party right here in Louisiana!

  12. I regret not mentioning on my post today that we were going to take some time this weekend to remember 9/11.

    Have a safe trip back home, Lisa. I be the boys miss their mama as much as you miss them.

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