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May 4th | blog friends



the weather and landscape were amazing this weekend.

wow. the desert is so different than home.

i enjoyed taking it in.




it was very stretching for me to travel and speak without a friend or my husband.

but the ladies were so inclusive and friendly.

i made a bunch of new friends this weekend. {thanks ladies!}

in the photo above–me,

kim of today’s creative blog

jyl of mom it forward and gno twitter parties

cindy from skip to my lou

and laurie from tip junkie.




i was on a panel with two other ladies, for a three hour session.

3 hours seemed so daunting, but it flew by!

and i learned so much.

marlynn from urban bliss (also my roomie for the weekend) and laurie are so knowledgeable.

i was taking a bunch of notes during our session.




and there was lots of time to hang out and chat with people.

i met the camera strap lady, sheyB

one of my social networking idols, loralee

and steph from somewhat simple.

so many great conversations.




and yeah, there may have been a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

shared with my new BFF angry julie.




a final photo as i walke dto the lobby to checkout of my room.

i love the way the sunlight was streaming through the slats.

tiffany and heather, THANK YOU for making bloggy bootcamp happen.

find a bloggy bootcamp in your area-and go!

* * *

so share with me,

do you blog, or just read blogs?

what is your top one or two favorite blog(s)?

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  1. Rosanne says:

    Happy you enjoyed my town. It is so beautiful this time of year. I just read blogs, yours, The Willows and Young House Love. Oh and Velvet and Linen. I am afraid if I read to many more I wouldn’t get anything done!

  2. Cait says:

    I’m mainly a reader. My top 4 (as low as I can get the count!) are you, The Pioneer Woman (, Wendi Aarons (, and Susan of Stop Calling Me That (

  3. Christy says:

    I have a slightly read blogspot blog and am currently trying to create / release my own website dedicated to craft ideas for missions trips. I read a lot of the blogs you just referenced, but has the yummiest recipes!!!

  4. Oh man! Somehow I missed you were going to this. I would have taken you out to coffee! Sounds like a great time.

  5. Carol says:

    Oh my goodness…I blog…it’s so cathartic for me….and I so enjoy reading blogs — just found your’s last week!! But ya’ll were in my town this weekend…and I love the photos!

  6. shana says:

    I read and blog both. My blog {Eight is Enough} is mainly family stuff, with some spiritual stuff, some crazy/silly stuff and some crafty stuff {}. There are so many great blogs out there . . . where to even begin. My very favorite, I think, would have to be Ann Voskamp’s Holy Experience {}
    Blessings to you!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hey Lisa-
    I am so glad to have met you! This conference was so fun and I learned a lot! We need to keep in touch for sure and meet up again when our paths cross!
    Have a great week-

  8. Sarah says:

    I blog… sort of… and read blogs :) My family blog (more of an online journal) is {} and my top two fav blogs to read, other than yours, are The Best Days of My Life {} and Hope Studios {}

    I also want to say THANK YOU for making such beautiful jewelry! My husband (through a friend that also follows you) got me the family tree necklace when our third son was born three months ago. I’m shedding tears though, because my two year got his hands on it and it is currently MIA… I may be ordering a replacement. :(

    Enjoy the day!

  9. Kathryn says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, love the pics.

  10. Melinda says:

    I both read and write blogs. I started blogging on my “Days Like This” years ago. I don’t have many readers but I love writing so I will continue to post until I no longer love doing so. When we expanded out family with my son in 2008, I started a family blog where I post pictures and stories about our family. My son’s grandparents love being able to see him grow up though they live far away from us.

    Lisa, your blog is the first one I started reading regularly and I check for new updates daily. Also, I love to read blogs like The Pioneer Women and Dooce. I also follow many lesser know bloggers like C. Beth Blog who manages The One-Minute Writer (a blog of daily writing inspirational prompts).

  11. Two favorite blogs… Wow… just two ~ ok, here goes…

    {} Carissa is amazing. Her photography is so inspiring. Do you remember at the boot camp when (I think it was Loralee) said that some blogs are like slipping into a warm, soothing bath? Well, this is it for me! She is kind, family-focused and an amazing photographer!

    {} Meg. Meg makes me laugh… like stomach hurting laugh. She is giving and selfless and service oriented. She has 5 beautiful children and I completely relate (although I only have 2) to her mommy stories! She is also an amazing photographer!

  12. Christine says:

    I blog and long to get better at it. I am open to all tips and advice anyone has! I am at Bloggy bootcamp is in order for me and soon!

    I also read blogs, I am drawn to those that have someting to offer personally. I love that there is a something to learn form one another. I love visuals…so if there is photos and not a ton of reading. I am in.

    My two faves are your blog Lisa, I read it everyday and I love

  13. I have started blogging last year and wondering how God is going to use it! I love it :) I have also started the habit of reading others blogs… too many to count.
    Some of my faves are Sarah Markley’s and In the Name of Love

    I wish I could go to a bloggy conference someday!! :)

  14. sharon says:

    i have just recently begun blogging – I have always created both art and crafts and taken photos. I really dived into it though after going through a really difficult time in order to help myself stay focused on lovely things instead of the painful things…

    You blog is one of the first I fell in love with, I read and link up with A LOT of other creative blogs. I love V and Co and Oh Hello Friend to name a few…

  15. Tiffany Day says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Looks and sounds like lots of fun!!

    I do not have a blog – its a dream/hope I can have one some day…

    i read several blogs and some of my favs, besides yours, are:

    Nie Nie Dialouges
    Bring The Rain
    Pearls and Grace
    The Inspired Room
    Chatting in the Sky
    We are That Family

    Have a great day!
    P.S. hope you have seen my e-mail w/our family photo attached – i do think though that i sent it at a VERY busy time. xo

  16. Megan Crume says:

    YEs! I read and blog!

    I’d love to have you visit!

  17. Lori-Anne says:

    I am an avid reader of blogs, and some of my favourites are yours (I enjoy your snapshots of life), Soule Mama, Hooked on Houses and Cake Wrecks, as well as blogs by family and friends. I also blog, and have what I’ve dubbed a “blogzine,” which mixes personal, blog-style missives with articles on artful living:

  18. Stacey says:

    I am (as my kids would say) addicted to blogs. I don’t have one of my own, which creates more time for me to be able to read others blogs, but then I think people probably also wish I had one to share so they could put a name with a face & story….maybe someday. I like reading too many to even list, but definitely have “favorites” saved and then branch out with others as I read them. Thanks for sharing your blog with me everyday, I really enjoy reading it, getting ideas from it, and totally wish I lived closer to all you gals out “west!”

    ~Stacey in Ohio

  19. Angela says:

    I blog (ha) for my own journaling, randomness and creativity.

    I got started blogging when I learned of NieNie’s accident. I fell in love with her blog and her spirit, but a soclose runner up to her blog for me is her sweet sister C Jane Enjoy it. I love her wit.

    There are many, many others I enjoy too.

  20. Jenny says:

    That looks like so much fun! Glad you were able to go. I blog AND read blogs! A couple of my faves (besides yours) are MADE and Noodleheads, really there are too many to mention! And they take up waaaaaayyyyy too much of my time!

  21. Melissa says:

    Looks like a great girl weekend! I blog, which started out for my family and still is, but so much more now and I love it.

    Oh, and my favorite blogs…so many! I think my favorite everyday blog is Clover Lane…Sarah is just wonderful and speaks from her heart.

    Love your stuff…I wear my necklace everyday!

  22. LibraryGirl62 says:

    I blog
    I read a couple dozen blogs regularly. I love big ones like The Blogess, Pioneer Woman, loraleeslooneytunes, and little ones by my friends and weird ones where I might be the only reader. I get caught up in stories that I read til then conclusion of the drama and never go back, and ones I read every day no matter what is posted to them. I am addicted!

  23. Melody says:

    I love that last pic! I blog and read blogs. Two of my favorites, besides yours, are – her posts are filled with pure joy
    Glad you had a great time! :)

  24. Philippa says:

    Hi, I started a blog about two or so months ago and am really enjoying doing it. I don’t get many comments and it does feel as though I am talking into a big cyberspace most of the time, but I LOVE IT. If I can enthuse just one person with my passion for life, beautiful things and gardening, it’s worth doing! Today I am about to load some photos of STUNNING autumn colour on some small oak trees we have at the front of our property. Have to be seen to be believed. My blog is and I’d love you to have a look.

    My two favourite blogs are yours Lisa, and Teresa Collins.

  25. Jan says:

    Your blog is in my top three. I find your blog calming and relaxing. I do enjoy The Pioneer Woman. I’ve read many more but don’t go to them very often. I have started a blog but it is still private. I need more courage to go for it. So glad you had a fun weekend. Happy blogging.

  26. angelina says:

    I blog about craftmakings and living abroad in australia: my favorite blog is :
    congrats for getting a weekend with the girls!

  27. i blog, but I think of it as a journal of sorts; I bounce thoughts off the great bloggy universe. Occasionally someone will help me out with a nice comment (: I can’t make it commercial; that would take the fun out of it. i like to think I have some good ideas, and I hope to one day get a following of like-minded people to share ideas with!

  28. LOVE that walkway shot. so beautiful.

  29. I got started reading. But recently have started on own Blog, just for me to my children, so someday they can read about our lives during these early years.

    My top three favorite Blogs to read are
    1. A Life Less Ordinary
    2. Chatting at the Sky
    3. Lisa Leonard “Its the Little Things”

    I like these Blogs because they remind me of the simple things that are blessings so easily missed and they encourage me in motherhood, photography and my faith.

  30. Joanne Martinson says:

    Looks and sounds like you had a great time!

    Honestly I’m just starting, but I am not a computer geru AT ALL! On top of that, we just got a MAC and I’m having to “re-learn” things.

    Your blog is one of the few I visit almost daily…love your work, and am amazed by your photography!
    I also like a local favorite… http//

    Thanks for sharing again!!
    Joanne in MN

  31. Laura says:

    I started out reading blogs and slowly over the space of a year I developed enough courage to start my own. Obviously, I do not have nearly as many readers as some bloggers, however it has provided me with a creative outlet and an area to document my children’s lives a bit.

    My favorites are obviously yours and

  32. blogofjoan says:

    I blog and read blogs! (PS just got my circle necklace – thank you! I love it!) My daily reads are yours, kellehampton, a little sussy, design sponge, apartment therapy, steph modo, rockstar diaries, black eiffel, today i saw, o happy day, and six in the city. i hope one day to use my blog to change the world, help people and inspire women and especially mommies who need support. read my latest article in Her Nashville at much love, j

  33. marlynn says:

    hi lisa! i so very much love, love, love your blog. just really stopping by to say “hi” :)
    i write a lot and read many blogs, but always wish i had more time to do both. one of my (many) faves is it’s just so pretty :)
    miss your smile already, roomie! hope you’re having a lovely week!

  34. Seeing that cheesecake again is making my mouth water. It was quite delightful. It was such a pleasure to hang out with you, you know #TheLisaLeonard. I love my Lisa Leonard necklaces. I think of you every time I put them on.

    I read so many blogs that I can’t comment on my favorites. I have different reasons for different blogs. I read decorating blogs for ideas, crafting (well for ideas), for photography (to admire the beauty captured in photography), and parenting ones (to know I’m not alone in this game.)

    I can’t wait till we meet again, even if it is at Nordstrom to buy some MiracleBody jeans.

  35. Jenny says:

    I blog and I read blogs! here are some…
    and the list goes on on my blog roll :)

    So, I had no idea you blogged until today when someone linked to you! I have been to your site, but not seen the blog til today :)

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