An Important Update

There is a lot going on behind the scenes and we want you to know about it!

You probably know my husband, Steve, and I work together on Lisa Leonard Designs.

My passion is designing jewelry that’s full of deep meaning. My inspiration is my family and the mundane and magical stuff that fills our days. These thoughts, feelings and ideas swirl in my head and I bring them into the world through the jewelry. Even better? It’s how you and I connect. This community is amazing!

Steve has a passion for big ideas and business. He is a visionary—able to see what the future holds for us—and able to see the path that will take us there. He’s smart and creative and honestly, a little crazy. It’s awesome. Our strengths are well matched and we are a great team.

And speaking of teams—we have an incredible group of people around us. You see my picture and pictures of our family, but there are other people behind the scenes making things happen. We couldn’t run our business without them. From the customer service team to the graphic designer to the shipping team to the artisans who make each piece of jewelry, our team is full of people we sincerely enjoy spending time with. People who care about what they do and best of all, they care about you.

Today we are partnering with artisans in California and Israel to create beautiful, personalized jewelry just for you. Each piece is made to order and forged with care. It’s humbling to partner with people who are so GOOD at what they do. They take my designs and Steve’s vision and they bring them into the real world. Because of YOU we are creating not only jewelry, but jobs in the USA and abroad.

Thank you from our family and the entire Lisa Leonard Designs team. You are a blessing.

With love, Lisa and Steve Leonard


  1. I love the sentiment of your love and loss rings …they are beautiful but I decided it was time to message that I’ve have 2 stones fall out now on 2 separate rings and am just sick about it. Both fell out within the first couple rings. I just received a new set this Monday and it already fell out. I am gentle with my jewelry. Someone’s not setting them right. I can’t believe that it would just be me that it has happened to. I do have to say that they work with you well but it takes long to get replacements and having it happen twice with two separate rings can’t just be bad luck. Hopefully this second replacement will be the last and I can finally have a chance to ENJOY my rings in memory of Mom and Dad.

    1. I am so sorry! I will take note of this issue and look into it straight away! You deserve the best. Thank you Carrie. xx

  2. I really dig your designs. I would love to see an interesting piece for a dad. I keep looking for jewelry for my husband yet everything is the same (ick!). Ever consider designing a pieces for a man that would incorporate special family significance?

  3. I purchased the Jumble of Love Necklace with the names of my Children and I LOVE IT! Thank You so much. Highly Recommend it.

  4. I bought the thin cuff bracelet with my grandchildren’s names engraved. While I love the look, I am so disappointed at how thin it is. One could barely read the names unless they’re pointed out. 🙁

  5. The starburst ring I received is too small. It’s beautiful but doesn’t fit. I’d like to exchange it.

    1. Hello Tonya
      Will you email us at customer service at Lisa leonard dot com? We’ll help you. xx

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