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a bunch of sickies…

older posts By January 15, 2007 1 Comment

so matthias and i both got david’s cold. steve’s still fine. we just laid low today–napped, read books, watched a lot of videos, ate soft foods, like, yogurt, pudding and mashed potatoes (we can’t be bothered to chew) and just mellowed out. here’s a couple pics of the boys tonight. steve and i got into a very competitive game of barrel of monkeys. matty wanted to play but he cheats–so we disqualified him (i know, it was his birthday gift, we should be more gracious!) and david scooted around with one sock off and a grubby sweatshirt. hope you are all well and more productive than we are!


a few more photos…

older posts By January 14, 2007 3 Comments

here’s a few more shots from yesterday. we had such a great time, but now the boys are exhausted (i’m a little tired, too!), david’s got a green runny nose. we rushed around getting ready for church this morning, and half way there, i turned around and came home. i can’t put David in the toddler room with that yucky nose and the boys are too tired to cooperate. so we are home now. i vaccummed and cleaned the kitchen. we’ll take a nap soon. some days you just need to take it easy–like today!


So mUch FuN!!!

older posts By January 13, 2007 2 Comments

We had such a blast at the Rock and Roll Diner today! The weather was perfect. We ate hot dogs and played pin the nose on Percy (which the kids totally didn’t understand and nobody wanted to be blindfolded for–but it was darling anyway), opened presents and ate cupcakes. It was every little boy’s dream! My blog will only let me load five pics–which is crazy because I’ve got at least 55 to show you 🙂 Some of the highlights–the cupcakes turned out cute (at least the second batch did!), a cuddle with mommy, David eats a cupcake and LOVES it (look how Nana’s tongue is sticking out!), and Matty show David his new Lightening McQueen. Matty had a total meltdown on the way home and then crashed for two hours! It was a great birthday!


older posts By January 12, 2007 5 Comments

Got creative last night and made these necklaces with new silver pendants. They look really vintage! Tomorrow is Matty’s party so I’ve got to make cupcakes and somehow design a “pin the nose on percy” game. I bought some tag board, so we’ll see how it turns out. They’re 3 year olds, right? They’ll think it’s a masterpeice! What fun things do you have planned for the weekend?


Matthias is turning 3…

older posts By January 11, 2007 3 Comments

I can’t believe Matty is turning three. I know it’s so cliche, but I swear, tomorrow I’ll turn around and he’ll be 17! We had David and Matthias so close together. I struggled with feelings of guilt at being so relieved that Matthias was “typical” and without any health issues. I worried that I would love him more. Then I became resentful because he took so much time away from David. I think Matthias has added so much balance to our family. I get to experience two completely different worlds (that often aren’t that different at all)-raising a child with special needs and a child who is typical. The funny thing is, sometimes Matthias can be much more of a challenge than David! And both bring so much joy into our lives. The boys really love each other.

So to celebrate this sweet, energetic and silly little boy we are having lunch at the Rock and Roll Diner-a funky little restaurant in Oceano that is made up of two train cars pushed together. It should be fun–more pics to follow!


Sneak Peek

older posts By January 10, 2007 3 Comments

Here’s a preview of a few of peices that will be on sale at the open house. I am trying to use up a lot of my supplies, so these are all fun, brand new peices–not things that haven’t sold at other shows!

This is new jade and aventurine-a great, simple piece that would be fun to wear with a sundress and sandels this spring and summer.

These earrings are new! They look great with a scarf in the winter and with your hair pulled back!

This last peice uses bronze freshwater pearls, rose quartz and features a lepidolite pendant. It has a nice heft and feels great on!


look mom, no hands!

older posts By January 9, 2007 2 Comments

So when I picked David up from preschool today, his teachers had some exciting news! He took several steps all by himself!! He has been getting really good at walking while holding just one hand for support. He is really an independent kid and I know he wants to do it without any help. Steve and I joke that one of these days we’ll be sitting on the couch watching a movie and David will casually walk by, like it’s no big deal. Last week in occupational therapy he was feeding himself cheetos. If you know anything about David’s history with learning to eat, you know what a huge deal that is! Yay, David!


Thanks for the encouragment

older posts By January 9, 2007 3 Comments

Thanks for all your encouragement on working with Matthias! I had so many opinions on raising kids–before I had them! Now I am much less judgemental! I really think each family has to figure out what works for them (within reasonable guidelines) and just try as best you can not to worry about what others think. My advice to new parents is always, “Don’t listen to anyone’s advice, just figure out what works for you.”

For you jewelry lovers out there–I am having a big sale at the end of the month. Earrings will be as low as $5 and necklaces as low as $20!!! The Open house will be on Wed., Jan 24th from 5:30-9pm. If you can’t make it then, let me know and we’ll set up a private show 🙂 Have a great day!


will work for stickers…

older posts By January 8, 2007 1 Comment

We had a much better day with Matty. He really loves those stickers! He grasps the chart much better than I expected. We went to Taco Bell for lunch and reviewed the rules in the car before we went in. He was so obedient and listened great! It’s a lot of work being proactive and positive, but I am A LOT less frustrated. And–I know it will pay off!
On a lighter note–DO NOT, I repeat, do not try the new cinnamon melts from McDonald’s unless you want to gain some serious weight. They are delicious and gooey and I’m sure not nutritious at all. Stay away!


operation crackdown

older posts By January 7, 2007 3 Comments

After a very frustrating visit to Applebee’s this eveing, Steve and I decided it’s time for OPERATION CRACKDOWN. We set up a positive behavior chart for Matthias, wrote a social story about being a good boy, and we are going to try be more consistent with discipline when he is not listening. He has three areas to focus on–saying “okay” or “no, thank you”, using a quiet voice, and obeying mom and dad. It kind of hilarious that in the recent past I was a behavior therapist. This kiddo is tons of fun and also a real challenge at times. We’ll keep you posted on his progress!