since we live so close to the beach we are spoiled to get to play there on a regular basis. in some ways, i feel like i’ve documented my boys’ childhood with playdates at the beach! so fun!

david used to be very clingy at the beach and he didn’t like the texture of the sand. but now he LOVES the sand and if i don’t watch him closely he’ll end of running toward the water. nana was with us on saturday so she helped me keep an eye on him.

i love all the color and texture and incredible beauty at the shore. there is always something new to discover.

with matthias, i try to plan some kind of activity or treasure hunt. last weekend we collected driftwood and gold rocks {rocks yellowed by weather and time}.

it was a really chilly, windy on saturday. we didn’t stay too long–maybe half an hour. but it’s good for my soul.

and i found a heart-shaped rock! so you know how happy that made me!

what everyday moment are you treasuring today?