so, steve and i went away to santa barbara to celebrate 11 years {dang!}

and it was sooo nice. did i mention my sister kept the kiddos?




and we relaxed like i haven’t relaxed in months.

we slept in

at breakfast around lunchtime

and skipped lunch

and ate dinner whenever

and walked and talked and soaked each other up.




this might be the first time we’ve been away from the boys

when i just let myself ENJOY and not feel guilty.

i need to let go of guilt more often!




it also happened to be ‘spanish days fiesta’

which meant hollowed out eggs, elaborately painted and filled with confetti

parades and lots and lots of people.




there was confetti everywhere.

so fun!




i love this huge painting right across from our hotel.

i think the painting might be a lety garcia

i love her work!

and i just happened to be sipping a peets coffee when i snapped the pic.




steve was almost swallowed up by moby dick

but i grabbed his leg and we swam for shore.





it was such a lovely weekend!

which is a good thing, since we have a big week ahead.

wednesday we are heading down to ucla for david’s heart catheterization.

more on that tomorrow!

* * *

tell me a highlight from your weekend!!