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grants pass, oregon

August 9th | adventures

i just returned from a quick trip to oregon. chrissie was supposed to join me on wednesday, but after two cancelled flights, she arrived on friday. and we used what little time we had left to enjoy each other and the beautiful weather.
we were in darling town of grants pass. we took in the grower’s market, artisan fair, some great thrifting, and a delicious lunch at circle J.

it was my first time in oregon {technically i drove through with a friend in college). i loved it!

are you from oregon or have you visited lately?

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  1. Melinda says:

    I’m from Oregon! Come visit Eugene next time and I’ll show you the sights. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    We just got back from Oregon this weekend. We spend a lot of time there. My husband grew up there so we go a lot to see his family. Thankfully it’s not too long of a drive from Idaho. I also went to college in Salem. :) It’s a beautiful state!

  3. anita roth says:

    I’m from oregon.I have a family members that live in grants pass.If you come to oregon again you need to come to the town that I live in ,silverton .I hast lots cute little shops!We are the home of silver falls state park and the oregon gardens.Both very worth a vist!!!!!!


  4. Correy says:

    I have been reading your blog for awhils, but have never posted. When I saw the It’s The Climate sign I was surprised. I live in Grants Pass. Glad you enjoyed your visit! We love our town.

  5. Caiti says:

    My aunt and uncle have lived outside of Portland for 20+ years and love it. Now that they are retiring, they are looking at Grants Pass as their new home. We went in the Fall around Halloween and it was so quaint. Oregon is the perfect vacation spot – mountains, rolling hills, beaches, lots of nature, and lots of farmers markets on the side of the roads!

  6. April O. says:

    Here’s a hello from Central Oregon! Lovely, lovely place. :) We have some of the most amazing scenery, and of course that wonderful Mt. Bachelor to play on.

    Small world . . . While at a park here, I recently met a very sweet woman who took photos for you. I instantly recognized the beautiful bracelet you made her as one of your pieces. She had glowing things to say about you. 😀

    Glad you enjoyed our state!

  7. Well I see my friend Kelly already commented ;).
    My parents are from the Bend area and we spent many summers/holidays driving from ID to OR to visit them. They eventually moved to the coast and I have such found memories because of them.
    We honeymooned on the OR coast and now visit it 2-3x a year thanks to my best friend living in Salem, OR.
    So yep … we go there often and love {almost all of} it!! 😀

  8. Oh, I love those windmills!

  9. So funny I live in la but drove through grants pass this morning!

  10. Kelli says:

    Just went to Portland for our anniversary! Love, love, love Oregon!!! Glad you two had some fun.

  11. Fabs says:

    Not from Oregon, but my husband’s family lived there when he was very small. They still have a piece of property in Brookings. We went to check it out about three years ago and drove through Grant’s Pass which is where his father worked. We spent a couple of days in Brookings then drove up the coast to Lincoln City and spent a week there. It was fabulous and I can’t wait to do it again!

  12. Sue says:

    I live in Klamath Falls, OR. It is a couple hours east of Grants Pass. Love Oregon. We moved from Sacramento about 6 years ago to Klamath Falls for a slower pace of life and it seems to be working out. We’ve got tons of snow in the winter and deer in the field behind our house – not so bad. :-)

  13. Dionna says:

    I’m from Oregon. Grew up in Medford which is about 45 min from Grants Pass. I remember going to Grants Pass to watch the river boat races. :) You hit the drier spot of the state. :) Go up further to Eugene, Salem, and Portland you will get lots of rain!

    Btw – now I live in Idaho. Someday I dream of living somewhere warmer! :)

  14. sarita says:

    i went to grants pass in l970!!! my son and his lovely wife live in Ashland Oregon! my husband and i went by train to visit them in 2009. The train was great! ashland is a lovely little town! it was wonderful to spend a week with my son and DIL. three weeks later my husband died. We were all so glad that we got to take that trip at that time. Last year, 2010, i took the train by myself back to ashland. It was a nice trip – lots of memories from the year before. There were even train employees that i remembered from that year. Ashland is a wonderful little city. i did take some ideas from there to use in my house. i found the cutest little chair – painted it white with yellow and purple accents – and it’s now sitting in the front of my house. Adds some color to my desert landscaping! If you get a chance please stop in that town for a visit. They have wonderful restaurants! i must stop now -i could go on and on!

  15. Shaunna says:

    what a small world all of us ladies following your blog and living in the same town. i have lived in grants pass for about 6 years, my husband grew up here. we love it. it is a great place to raise our 3 boys and he still has family here. glad you had a great trip!

  16. Hey it sounded lovely out there..

    Far states away living in Chicago area.

    Always want to visit that state.

  17. Cynthia says:

    I live down the highway from Grants Pass, it is a great town. I love living in BEAUTIFUL Oregon :)

  18. Erin C. says:

    I’m from Oregon!! Born and raised in Corvallis and then moved to Portland for college only leaving for 9 months to live in SF…Grants Pass has it’s charm and your pictures make it look SO MUCH better than it really is!
    Jacksonville is super sweet as is Ashland. Some day you should do a Road trip through Oregon. It is pretty amazing and cute if you ask me.

  19. Trina says:

    I live in Oregon! It’s a great state. Next time you’re here, I’d recommend visiting the coast, Bend or Portland. Crater Lake is also pretty amazing also.

  20. Sarah says:

    I just spent 10 months in Lakeview, OR, 3ish hours from Grant’s Pass! I have to agree that it is a great little town and the area is simply spectacular =)

  21. Sharon says:

    I’m from Oregon too. Eugene is just a couple hours north of Grants Pass. :-) Glad you enjoyed your stay. Loved your windmill pics.

    And I LOVE my latest necklace, two little hearts with my boys’ initials on them and a pearl. Wore it to bunco tonight and ended up giving out your website information to a couple gals.

  22. Lindsey says:

    I’m from OREGON!!! Born and raised in the valley! The small little town of Lebanon to be exact! Oregon is beautiful, you should come back soon! :)

  23. Bethany H. says:

    no way!!!! I’m from Grants Pass, OR… but just left today after bumming around town this morning… on my way to grad school in Dallas. small world! glad you enjoyed your first visit and hope you return! =)

  24. Lydia says:

    Ha! I’m in Oregon right now, about to return home to southern California tomorrow. My husband and I have been visiting my mother-in-law and her husband. We were also able to catch up with a friend from high school and college who live up here. It’s beautiful up here!

  25. Chelsea says:

    Hi! I am not from Oregon, but my husband was raised in Grants Pass. His dad owns Norris Shoes on ‘G’ street. Small world! Oregon is certainly beautiful. I always love visiting!

  26. Nicole says:

    I’m from Portland, OR! Born and raised. So exciting to see that you visited my home state.

  27. Jacque says:

    I was born in Grants Pass! I grew up and went to college in Oregon. I have visited and lived for a short time in many other places but am always an Oregon girl at the end of the day!

  28. Erica Hardin says:

    Ack! Those windmills that you picture are just blocks from my family home! We’ve just moved back to Grants Pass from Seattle and are loving it. So quaint and quiet and mellow here. I’m glad that you enjoyed your visit. There is so much beauty here in our Rogue Valley. Next time, you must get out to Jacksonville… cute and old town-y times one thousand!

  29. Lori-Anne says:

    Oregon is on my list of must-see destinations. I’ve driven through it before, as a teen, but would love to spend some good, exploring time there some day. I also want to check out that gigantic book store I’ve heard about in Portland! Hey, check out my current Sister’s Contest on my blog – I’d love to use a pic of you and yours!

  30. Katrina says:

    That’s so funny. Look at all these Oregonians. I live in Portland. Let me tell you, Portland is the place to be. I grew up in Orange County and I get the city feel in Portland but I get the beauty and calm and seasons up here that SoCal was sadly lacking.

  31. I’ve never been to Oregon, but judging from your pictures, I’d love to go! I’ve actually never been out West, so I’m over-due on a trip. :-)

    Glad you had a nice time.

  32. Cathy says:

    yeah I live in oregon! Grants pass is such a lovely town. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you visit again soon :)

  33. Quinna says:

    Raised in Grant’s Pass…It is an interesting town.

  34. Kelly says:

    My hubby & I live in St Louis, MO & finally took our honeymoon in April. Fell in love with that gorgeous state..everything about it!! Stayed in Portland – fun, creative, Eco driven, just lovely! Drove to the coast & visited most of the beaches along the way, my favorite being Cannon Beach. I didn’t want to leave & find myself missing it every day. :(

  35. Roxanne says:

    Oooh….call me next time, and we will hang around Oregon….Duck style! Oregon is a beautiful state, I love all the different areas, from the incredible, breathtaking coast line, to the high desert of Pendleton. And amazing little towns??? Check out La Grande!! I’m showing/telling my sweet loves—children and husband what I want for my birthday! :) I hope you have a beautiful day!!!

  36. connie says:

    I live in Oregon, just south of Portland! Welcome! So, I lived my first 28 years in Washington State…so, I love, loved your pictures with your honey from Seattle. Headed to Washington this weekend, tonight in fact. Thanks for sharing! So glad you had fun!

  37. Darcy says:

    I too am from Oregon. I was born in the small coastal town of Coos Bay and then we moved to Eugene where I have lived for most of my life since. Went to the UofO. However, I can’t recall going to Grants Pass…
    My favorite part of the state is the central to south coast…I love Bandon!
    Go Ducks!

  38. I vacationed in Eugene years ago and visited that area! I would love to go back! Great photos! ♥

  39. Monica says:

    You’ll like this, I was born in San Luis Obispo (raised there and San Diego but mostly SLO) and now live in Portland, Oregon. Other than 2 years in SLO, I’ve lived my married life in Oregon.

  40. Deb says:

    I am , also, from Oregon. It’s such a beautiful State…we love it here!

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