let’s celebrate!!!

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these are the over-joyed parents of a little boy who just went pee-pee in the potty for the first time! and this is the train the little boy earned when he accomplished this very important task! it took a couple of hours of running around naked and lots of juice, but he did it! it’s all down hill from here, right?! we’ve got pictures of Matty on the potty and the pee-pee, but you probably don’t want to see those!


sick boys, sad mommy…

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both these little guys are sick–argh! (this photo was taken last weekend, not today) this is matty’s first real cold of the winter–where he had a fever and a cough. he didn’t start preschool today because of it. i was praying david wouldn’t get it–but, this morning he is congested and FUSSY! he’s had more colds this winter than any kid should have in their whole childhood! so he’s home from school today, too. i’m feeling sorry for myself. and a little discouraged. boo hoo! hopefully they’ll spring back quickly!


c’mon mcdonald’s!!

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we drove through mcdonald’s yesterday (i had to get my cinnamon melt–i’m addicted ya know!) and i got a happy meal for Matthias and I to share (the cinnamon melt was my main dish 🙂 so we get home and unwrap the the toy and it is this little monster guy. maybe he’s from spongebob or something?! guess what he does when you pull down his arm? yep, he makes farting noises! how innappropriate is that?! I mean come on mcdonald’s is this the best you can do? don’t you have a multi-million dollar advertising budget?! the best part–Matty is afraid of it! nice.

on a brighter note, David decided to brave the tunnel yesterday (we have this blue tunnel for the boys to play in). I came out from the back of the house and he was inside–go David. Nothing is going to hold that kid back!

Have a great day!


challenge for a tuesday

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I cleaned out the pantry and the fridge this morning (didn’t I just do this a couple months ago?) I got rid of two large trash bags full of stuff–sorry landfill! now I can actually find what I need. My challenge to you is this–set aside 5-10 minutes to organize something–your jewelry, the coat closet or a junk drawer. It feels good! and yes, we do keep candy in the crisper!!


craft/gift idea

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these are some gift tag favors from a baby shower I helped with recently–hi Brianna!! They are so easy and fun (Lindsey coached me through). Here’s the step by step–1. Buy various gift tags from Staples 2. Dip them in a strong tea (I used four tea bags with 1.5 cups of water) 3. Let them dry overnight 4. Stamp them with some cute stamps–use a brown stamp pad (very important!) 5. rub a lttle glitter glue over the top 5. Place in a cellophane bag 6. Amaze your friends and family!
Isn’t this a great idea for teachers or when you have to buy mutiple small gifts? It would be cute to find a nice box and get some fun ribbon, paper, scotch tape and scissors. I love a “theme” gift. Brianna’s shower was a blast–I’m sure the favors are what really brought everyone together 🙂 Or it could have been the ice cream sundaes!



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Well in less than a week my sister Chrissie (who Matty affectionately calles “sissies”) will be traveling up from the OC to spend a few days with us. I cannot wait!! She is so much fun–so real, and silly and she totally “gets” me. Steve laughs because we go into “twin mode” and start finishing each other sentences while we jump around from topic to topic. I’ve got at least one babysitter lined up so we can have some concentrated sister time–without those pesky kids interrupting us 🙂 YAYY! I am so excited!


ID tag bracelets

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Aren’t these fun and beautiful? I have done quite a few in the last couple days–with words like–captivate, beautiful, old friend, soulmate, sweetheart, lucky mommy and blessing. I’ve gotten a great response to them. I think I’ll probably charge about $45 for them–they are hand wrought, filed, drilled and stamped. Each one takes a little elbow grease! If anyone wants to order one, I’m going to run a special for the next few weeks–only $28!!! Email me at lisaleonard@integrity.com and tell me what word(s) and colors you’d like.


day in cambria

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so we frolicked in cambria today. there is a great park right on the beach. the boys played for a while and then we walked by the water. david was doing an amazing job standing, walking and balancing. matty climbed the rock wall independently for the first time. the weather was beautiful! then we got lunch at main street grill (same owners as firestone grill–so you know it’s tasty!). not pictured–matty running into the street, us freaking out, and the tantrum that resulted! but overall it was tons of fun!


a new step…

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so i’m putting away clean laundry in the boys’ room (one of my least favorite chores–i don’t mind doing the laundry, but for some reason i hate putting it away!) and i turn around and there’s david casually leaning against Matty’s bead, like it’s no big deal. Now David has been getting really close to standing on his own. He’s pulled up to his knees, if we help him to his knees he can pull up the rest of the way, but this time it was so completely independent! So I got down on the carpet and held out my hands and said “come here!” and slowly stepped away from the bed and took 6 or 7 steps. We had to reinact it for the camera but we steve and i were freaking out! David was so proud of himself–all smiles! Then Matty wanted to show us that he can step away from the bed and take steps, too! 🙂 I’m a proud mommy!!


valentine’s ornament

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here’s one of my latest soldered ornaments. it’s a valentine’s postcard from the early 1900’s. i added some beads to the bottom! so cute! they look great hanging from a kitchen cabinet or doorknob. i am planning to do a bunch of these for some upcoming shows–kids and weather permitting!