Lately our youngest son, Matthias, has been struggling with anxiety. He has tummy aches. He worries about homework. He prefers to stay home and is hesitant to try new things. It breaks my heart to see him worried. I wish life was carefree and easy—but that’s not real life, is it?

There’s been a lot of change this year. Matthias started fifth grade. I see him maturing and growing. He’s more aware of life’s imperfections and his own imperfections. He’s been such a confident child but I see that wavering a bit. He’s thinking more deeply about who he is and what makes him valuable.

We’ve also been traveling a lot with expanding production of our jewelry to the Dominican Republic. It means Steve, his dad, and I are tag-teaming with the boys and there have been times lately where one of us is gone while the other holds down the fort at home. Our routine has been, well, less routine. The other day, while Steve was out of the country, I asked Matthias what he wanted for dinner. I thought letting him choose would be special and fun. Instead he responded, “I just want a normal dinner. Nothing special.”

That spoke volumes to me about how much he needs routine.

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