We are back from the Dominican Republic. It was a wonderful and very short! We had some business meetings, a visit to an orphanage and some time for fun. We were there for three nights and we soaked it up! Today I’m sharing pics from the colonial district. There is so much history and beauty there! How about some hellos?

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Hello lighthouse. It wasn’t very impressive until we got closer. It’s huge!

Hello monastery ruins. There is something about ruins that tells a story of time past and change. I think it’s beautiful.

Hello texture, wires and life. There was a buzz of excitement and activity.

Hello home of Diego Colon {Columbus’ son}. Beautiful.

Hello humid air, sunlight and learning new things.

Hello silliness.

Hello mamajuana. I don’t even know what to say.

Hello capturing memories.

Hello birds perched in funny places. I had to laugh.

Hello best.ice.cream.ever. It was so hot and we were so tired. Delicious.

Hello school children. Hello falling in love with the people in the Dominican Republic.

Hello getting jumping back into life.

Hello doing a ‘perfect picnic’ segment on KCAL9 news at 2pm today. If you’re in LA, tune in!

Hello catching up on email, laundry and life.

Hello getting ready for camping this weekend. Yay!

Hello cuddles and pancakes. Love.

Hello Monday. We’re getting back into the swing of things. It’s gonna be a good week! Ready, set, GO!

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