Hello friends! Last week I was in the Dominican Republic training at our new workshop and trying to fit in a little time to enjoy the beach. It was a crazy, exhausting and fun week. I’m glad to be home! I’ve got pics to share of Los Haitises National Park, where we took a short boat ride to explore some different caves. it was beautiful!

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Hello little speed boat that took us through the water and jungly trees and over to the caves.

Hello spending time in the DR with Shelby {marketing} and Jacqueline {production} it was so fun to be there together!

Hello ancient carving. The guide said it was 1500 years old and created by a tribe that used to inhabit the island.

Hello large, stinky pelicans.

Hello trees that grow up from the water, then have vines that grow back down. It was truly beautiful–unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Hello feeling like I was on the jungle cruise at Disneyland. Except we didn’t see any piranha or rhinoceros.

Hello working hard. These girls are amazing.

Hello cave drawing. #putabirdonit

Hello crane sitting among the roots. Breathtaking.

Hello little nests in the palm tree–so perfectly placed it looks like someone put them there.

Hello roosters walking around like they own the place.

Hello waterfall and setting my camera to a longer shutter speed to capture movement. Such a fun effect.

Hello lunch with traditional Dominican food {delicious} and good company.

Hello thankful to be HOME! I’ve been traveling a lot. Too much, honestly and we’re all feeling tired. It’s time to slow down a bit.

Hello stitches for David. He cut his chin open while I was away. He wouldn’t sit still enough for stitches, so I’m going to take him back to the hospital today and we’ll try again.

Hello Matthias who has really been missing me. And I miss him too. We need some good hang out time. I’m imagining pizza, watching the Avengers and snuggling on the couch.

Hello getting back into a rhythm with working out, cooking and laundry.

Hello grateful! I am seriously stunned at the response to our nativity and ornaments. I am so completely thankful for this community!

Hello nap to fight off the jet lag.

Hello to YOU! Are you ready for a brand new, beautiful week?

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