hello monday

hello monday By May 9, 2011 19 Comments

hello fresh cherries in pretty green baskets

hello jam to be made {i want to try the low-sugar version this year}

hello longing for summer! hello only 6 more weeks of school

hello huge chalkboard in our loft upstairs

hello family photo shoot {more pics soon}

hello doodling and sketching

hello huge jackrabbit running wild in the field

hello windmill and tall grass

hello blue sky, warm sun and cool breeze

hello new mother’s day dress

hello snuggles and love from my sweet family

hello feeling taken care of and special all day

hello laundry to fold, house to tidy, and email to catch up on

hello fun projects to work on this week

hello monday, it’s going to be a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to on this sweet monday morning?


hello monday

hello monday By May 2, 2011 17 Comments

hello may-we’re so glad to see you!

hello sunshine and flowers

hello ideas and sprucing up the house

hello lots of junking and treasure finding over the weekend!

hello FUN show at ruby rose {more pics soon!}

hello pewter wands and keepsake bowls

hello royal wedding

hello scones, crowns and bling courtesy of my sweet friend crystal

hello new marriage-william and kate, we wish you every happiness!

hello cutest trailer in the woooorld

hello dreaming of camping and memory making with my family this summer

hello shopping for shorts, skirts and flip flops

hello mother’s day! shop TODAY for delivery before mother’s day!

hello working overtime in the workshop

hello monday! it’s going to be a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By April 25, 2011 24 Comments

hello cleaning up plastic eggs and easter grass

hello chocolate and jellybean overload

hello new sketch pad, colored pencils and slinkys from easter baskets

hello week two of spring break

hello playing playing playing all day long

hello cousins and neighbors and more playing

hello little flowers

hello hazy sunshine and longer days

hello fresh strawberries

hello spring wreath {more coming soon!}

hello sprucing up the boys bathroom {more coming soon!}

hello mother’s day is coming–and we are working hard at the shop!

hello vintage browsing and getting inspired

hello bench waiting to be painted and given new life

hello monday! it’s a beautiful new week!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By April 18, 2011 62 Comments

hello inventing new superheros

hello practing kung fu and sword fighting {matthias}

hello play dates and imagination

hello colored pencils that get sharpened and resharpened

hello blank paper waiting for inspiration

hello new ideas and creativity

hello spring break and warm sunshine

hello easter egg hunt with friends

hello jellybeans and coloring eggs with cousins

hello composing keyboard tunes

hello sniffles and breathing treatments {david}

hello snuggles and lazy mornings

hello cleaning and organizing {i have pictures to share!}

hello shirts to press and easter baskets to fill

hello monday! it’s easter week!

what are you saying hello to this week?


hello monday!

hello monday By April 11, 2011 26 Comments

hello blue skies and cool temps {but no rain this week!}

hello busy week, good-bye relaxing weekend

hello photos to edit and share

hello tall trees on a tall hill and a weekend drive with my family

hello clean laundry waiting to be folded

hello last week of school before spring break {2 weeks off school!}

hello doctor appointments this week for david {cardio & pulmonology}

hello visit with my sisters

hello gathering little things for easter baskets

hello new flowers popping up in our yard

hello warm cup of coffee and orange cinnamon rolls {yum!}

hello monday! it’s going to be a great week!

what are you saying hello to on this brand new monday?


hello monday

hello monday By April 4, 2011 26 Comments

hello japanese maple in our front yard

hello warmer days and sunshine

hello glowing sunsets

hello coloring and painting

hello sword fights and fort building

hello longer days {and more time to play}

hello new pewter heart with our large font

hello inspiration {my mind is buzzing}

hello to thinking outside the box

hello kicking it into high gear for mother’s day

hello magnets that we can barely keep in stock!

hello getting my house fresh for spring, i should probably attack my closet next.

hello naps on saturday and sunday {maybe i won’t need coffee this morning, ha!}

hello photo shoot planned for this week

hello first monday of april! so glad to see you.

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday By March 28, 2011 22 Comments

hello to a new week!

hello sweet time with sarah on saturday

hello boots and jeans and coffee and time to talk

hello instagram inspiration

hello flowers popping up on the hillside {promising spring!}

hello fresh blooms making our home happy {as i ignore the mess}

hello sunshine {and goodbye rain that visited us every day last week}

hello shopping for the perfect pair of wedge sandals–maybe these?

hello planning our summer and some fun trips

hello gusty breeze and bubbles in the evening

hello backyard inspiration and sprucing things up for warmer weather

hello monday! we’re ready for a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to this fine day?


hello monday

hello monday By March 14, 2011 21 Comments

hello daylight savings

hello spring is coming {and bringing longer days}

hello buds beginning to pop up

hello sneaking chocolate chips from the cupboard

hello batman movie and drawing superheros

hello piano playing and lots of snuggles

hello internet is down at our house {making for a quiet weekend}

hello instagram via my iphone

hello new facebook page {take a minute to ‘like’ us!}

hello new things to share

hello decor week next week. yep, we are introducing a new line!!!

hello monday! i need another cup of coffee and then i’m ready for you!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday

hello monday, weddings By March 7, 2011 37 Comments

hello wedding week!

hello love and romance

hello vintage inspiration

hello little white lights

hello pretty packages

hello first kiss as mr. and mrs.hello new things to share

hello sweet things to treasure

hello moments to cherish

hello flowers and ribbons

hello sunshine {and sunsets!}

hello monday! we’ve got so much to share with you!

what are you saying hello to today?


hello monday!

hello monday By February 28, 2011 37 Comments

hello blue skies (after lots of rain)

hello fresh air-everything feels fresh and clean

hello cold air and chilly wind {brrrr}

hello yellow, i just can’t get enough of you

hello petal pushers and vintage boots

hello loads and loads of ideas swirling around in my head

hello playing at the beach in lots of layers

and hello ice cream with lots of colors

hello pretending it’s summer

hello fresh mantle {i took the red hearts down and added a little yellow}

hello urge to spring clean

hello simplifying my home and getting organized

hello to my sweetie {steve was out of town for two weeks and he’s back!}

hello new, fun things to share this week

hello monday. it’s so good to see you again!

what are you saying hello to on this very last day of february?